April 15th – New National Holiday!

I survived Valentine’s Day only to start working on the next holiday … Income Tax Day. I think that April 15th should be a paid national holiday. That way those among us who are prone to procrastination will have time to catch up by midnight.

Why paid?” I hear you grumbling. Well, check this out. Our employers hire someone to deduct all that money from our paychecks each month, right? So, why should we spend so much of our free-time to get it back?

But giving it a second thought, maybe it should be the Feds who should for pay this holiday. After all, they have been using our money all year long … interest-free.

During the past 50+ years of filing tax returns I have filed 1040 Short forms, Long forms, Itemized forms, 1040EZ and blank forms, then, no forms. Yep, that’s right, folks, I was a tax resister for 18 years and they got NO forms from me.

After that blew over and I understood the futility of such a small portion of the general population was doing this, I went back to filing again. After the TurboTax program hit the market, I have been pretty loyal to it. I have both purchased it and shared the program from my children. We would alternate purchasing it, then share. It has cost about $39 – $69 per year depending on where and when we got it. One year I used the online version, and as I remember, it cost $19. Cheaper, yes, but still, it was money that I did not want to spend.

This year I decided to do a little shopping for a cheaper way to do it. My search led me to several sites that offer FREE filing. After checking them out, I picked one at random … TaxAct.com.  As I proceeded with entering my info, I kept getting pop-ups informing me that for $8.95 or $14.95 or $39.95, I could get this or that extra service. Of course, frugal me, I always took the free option.

That is, until I got to the State filings. It was then that I discovered there were no options, it would cost $14.95 for EACH of the two states that we have worked in last year. So, my FREE filings cost me nearly THIRTY BUCKS and about 7 hours of time. Disgusting, but I was in no mood to begin entering my info into another program.

Now that all three returns have been e-filed and we are getting back every penny that was withheld throughout the year, and was used for free by the Feds, I guess it was OK… but still FAR from the lure of free online filing.

I’m thinking it is time our Federal government is reorganized to reflect the original pattern. Smaller, Congressmen reimbursed for actual expenses for travel to Washington D.C.instead of huge salaries that go on for life after serving only one term, letting States handle their own problems, no trillions of dollars national debt. No insufferable graduated income tax.

Big government! We don’t need it!