November Psalm 2017:15

I have run for dear life
Right into your arms, Oh Lord,
Why would I turn to any other source for my protection?

Some tell me,
“Run to the mountains, dig your bunkers deep.
Evil men are plotting against you day and night.
The whole country has turned to the Evil One.
Stockpile your food, keep your ammunition dry,
Your guns oiled and ready.
Your government has turned against you.”

But God is still in control. He hasn’t changed his address.
It is still 101 Temple Way, Heaven.
He is still on His throne, watching over the affairs of mankind.
Always, with unblinking eyes, testing both the good-doers
And bad-doers alike.

When anyone cheats He is outraged.
He tries even harder to win him over.
Those who persist in doing their evil
He will destroy.

God is pleased with those who trust Him,
Who put their weakness in His strong arms.
When all is said and done
We will be able to look Him straight in the eye
As we thank Him forever. Hallelujah! Amen.


Poison Ivories

The person who invented the term “Empty Lot” obviously never played Hide-and-go-Seek or softball on one of those “Empty Lots.” For they are NOT empty.
You’ll find bottles, cans, and garbage of all kinds on those lots. Oh, yes, and did I mention weeds? Weeds of all kinds. Where I grew up, the most noxious of all weeds was Poison Ivy.
This little creeper with three-leaf stems can cause a whole rash of trouble. It isn’t cute! It starts from scratch and you end up itching all over.

But, that’s not exactly what I had in mind this morning as I was reading my Bible. It made me think of “Poison Ivories.”
You’ve never heard of it? Don’t say that, it’s in the mouth of everybody. Here’s what I was reading from Paul’s letter to the Romans, back in his day.
“Their throat is an open grave; they habitually deceive with their tongues. The poison of Asps is beneath their lips.”
Romans 3:13

And in James 3:8

“Every species of beast and birds, of reptiles and sea creatures, is and has been tamed by the human race. But no one can tame the human tongue; it is a restless, unstable evil full of deadly poison.”

Some call it “Girl Talk,” some call it “Sharing the Facts,” some call it News. Do you recognize the symptoms?
“I’ve heard…”
“Somebody told me….”
“I’ll bet Mary knows…”

“Do you know what Don DID?”

Yep! It’s classic Poison Ivories.

It’s hard to believe that the lips, tongue and mouth that sing “Wonderful Words of Life” in church, will sing “Terrible Words of Death” in front of the church.
It’s hard for Gloria, Goldie or Gordon to admit that they have Poison Ivories, because they are “good” and they know it. But, what God calls poison, they call facts.
But of course, the trouble is not really with the teeth or tongue, but with the heart.
Jesus is quoted in Matthew 12:34-37; “… You brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things when your hearts are filled to overflowing with slander and evil! … You will have to give account in the Day of Judgement for every idle and perverse word that have issued from your mouth. For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned.”
If there is poison in your heart it will find its way past your ivories. You’ll not have halitosis, but HELLITOSIS.
You may be getting your own way now by “fang and claw,” but you’ll be the loser in the end.
Jesus also said, “Whatever you sow, you’ll reap.”
And, “You will be judged in the same manner in which you have judged others.”

Poison Ivories. It’s serious stuff. It’s a matter of life and death.

YOUR life or death.

Learn to control your tongue before it’s too late.

November Psalm 2017:9


I will take refuge in the Lord!
Why do you ask me to be a Prepper?
Why do you tell me to flee to the mountains?
Or hide in the desert place?

Why horde a cache of food and other supplies
Only to have it taken from you by force?
Did not God supply Elijah with water and food
When he fled his enemies?

Where is your faith, O man?

You tell me that satellites are watching my every move,
Missiles are poised for my annihilation,
Or a FEMA camp is my destination,
Or a prison cell is my lot for believing a mighty God.
Your enemies want to tag and track me
And prepare me for destruction.

If the foundations of a godly society are uprooted
What are my choices?

You, O Lord, are in Your holy temple
Seated upon Your throne.
Your eyes of sorrow are upon the actions of mankind.
You are putting both the wicked and the righteous to the test.
You are revealing who will trust You
And whose heart is filled with violence.

Your last act toward the wicked will be
Heaping upon them fire and brimstone.

Though I am slain, yet will I trust in You.
The righteous will eventually see Your face!

November Psalms

Psalm 2017:05


Nations have come and gone for centuries, Lord,
But you remain enthroned above it all.
You judge the world in your righteousness
And with fairness.

You establish nations and set up their leaders,
As long as the people and leaders follow You, they prosper.
When they refuse Your leadership their nations have fallen
Only to be replaced by others.

You, Oh Lord, have become a haven for your oppressed people,
Those who get trampled underfoot by their leaders.
Those who know Your name and experience your mercy
Have put their confidence in You.

You do not abandon those who have put their trust in You
Or those who seek Your will.
We sing praises to Your name
And recount Your many blessings.

The poor may be forgotten by others,
But not by You, Oh Lord.
I arise in the morning to give thanks
To sing your praises
I will rejoice in Your everlasting love for me.

Rise up, then, and judge our wicked nation.
Do not let the schemes of evil men prevail.
Put them in awe of you
So that they my realize that they are not gods,
But frail and mortal men.

Caregiving 101

The topic of caregiving of the elderly hits a very emotional trigger with me. Perhaps it is because I AM elderly!

It also begs the question, “At what point do we, as humans, give up on a person’s earthly existence and give them over to God?” When they are old? When they are born with abnormalities that prevent them from surviving on their own? After a disabling near fatal accident?

What are we willing to sacrifice to keep the shell of a loved one alive? Do we squander our time, energy, and other resources on an aging parent with Dementia, cancer or some other fatal malady, to the detriment or neglect of younger members of the family?


Death is the end result of being alive, even for a short time. No one escapes the inevitable. Why is it so hard for us to accept that?


I am currently, an old man. Ancient, to some of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am more than 10 years older than my parents were when they died. I have no “death-wish,” but when it comes time for me to die, it is my hope that my family will love me enough to let me go, and not try to keep alive my body that has little or no use to me or my loved ones.

I have often wondered if this attitude of care-giving is a guilt trip laid on us by Satan himself to divert our resources away from God’s purpose for our lives. In his pursuit of defiance toward God, has he figured out ways to keep people from succumbing to the results (death) of his sin of rejecting God and pursuing his own selfish goals.

I wonder, “Is Big Pharma his workshop for developing ‘cures’ for the health problems that he created in the first place?

Are the high costs of drugs just another way to drain our resources (blessings) from doing the real good that God intended for them to be used? If we are to model our lives after the life of Jesus, shouldn’t we be healing the way he healed, rather than depending on chemicals concocted by agents of the devil?

The medical profession, as a whole, is asked by us to “play God” and cure us from our maladies. I have searched the life of Jesus, God’s own son, to see what kind of medicines he used to heal people. The closest thing that I find to a “medicine” is when he mixed his spit with some dirt to apply to a blind man’s eyes.

When we depend on Big Pharma for our healing, are we not really saying, “ I know you’re great, God, but this is something I’d rather handle on my own.”

I realize that I may be treading on some toes in expressing these thoughts. Especially those who view the “Healing Arts” as God-given knowledge. Excuse me, but the greatest healer of all time never prescribed a pill for anything! He just healed. Period. He also sent his disciples out to do the same thing. His only prescription was, “Go and sin no more.”

Our only obligations to aging parents, as I see it, is to make them as comfortable as possible, feed and clothe them and give them to God to take when He has finished with them on this earth. My extraordinary care should not be subsidized by the rest of society.

We “Old People” were never meant to be a drain on the family or society. We are to live today as if there were no tomorrow, then die, not being a burden to others.

October Psalm 2017:30


My accuser is at it again.
Chasing me around with his taunts,

“Look! He’s had sex with sin,
He’s pregnant with lies.
Next thing you know
He’ll be giving birth to Lie-Babies.”

Cut him off at the kneecaps, Lord.
Establish your justice against him.

You have forgiven me.
You have delivered me from my sins,
Hidden me in the hollow of your hands,
And wrapped me in the blanket of your Mercy.

Now, get him off my back.
Prevent his calling after me.

You, Lord, have blessed me more than I deserve.
Take my life and let me live just for you.
Wipe the tears of my anguish from my cheeks.
Hold me up as a trophy of your love.

He has unjustly heaped ridicule upon you.
So, put him in his place, trampled under foot.

What are you waiting for?
More time will prove nothing new.
You are right, He is wrong.
The universe awaits with baited breath for Justice.