Woe is Me!

It seems that I am always looking at your back, my Lord.

I groan while wrestling with the my burden of sin.
My steps are heavy, my head bowed low.

When will I get to see you face to face?
The enemy of mankind heaps
memories of my past sins upon my back
and giggles in glee at my plight.

Reach back and give me a hand with this load, oh Lord,
lest I am buried beneath this trash.
He has pushed so much of this garbage so deep into my soul,
I fear I will choke to death on it.
Deliver me from this load of guilt.

“First you must let go of the load, my son.
With my strong arm I will throw it away,
as far as the East is from the West.
Soon, yes very soon, your accuser,
the concoctor of your sins, will follow you no more.”

“I remember them no more.
Take heart, my son, it’s time for you to forget them, too.
Hold my hand and follow Me.
Turn a deaf ear to the Devil’s demands of ‘remember when…’
With your hands occupied in holding Mine, you cannot carry a thing.
Stand tall in my strength. Your straight back cannot carry a load.”

“Forgive me, Lord, for thinking you have turned your back upon me.
I now clearly see You before me, clearing my way,
making my path through life straight and narrow.
Forgive my sins, throw away my load.
Make straight my way.
Rebuke now, my enemy.
Turn his glee to misery.”

Psalm 2017:5


Psalm 2017:20

So, answer me this, Lord, Why do the wicked ones prosper so often?

Why do they literally get away with murder?

They say to themselves, “No one will see me. No one of importance will care. No one will do me harm because I’m too valuable and I’m worth millions. I have the power to change laws and contracts to free myself of these low-lifes.”

He spends his nights devising ways to fleece the poor of what little they have accumulated.

They accuse You, Lord, of covering Your face and not seeing what they do.

The pompous one brags about how he has entrapped the “poor suckers.” In his pride the rich elite reviles You Lord,  They don’t give You a second thought.

I know You see the plight of the downtrodden, the helplessness and hunger of the poor.

If I were you, Oh Lord, I would break their greedy hands. I’d call the evildoers to account for their wrongs. I would cover them with boils and make them serve the poor. I would rip their lying tongues from their smirky faces. I would let them know in no uncertain terms just who is boss.

But I’m not You! My ways are not Your loving ways.

You are King and Lord forever throughout eternity. You only, listen to the discouraged. You hear our cry and You are planning our relief; yes, our reward for trusting in you.

In Your patience You wait for the evil ones to repent. You may wait in vain, but You hope. You let them prove their character to the universe.

November Psalm 2017:16

Lord we need rescuing! We need rescuing from ourselves!
But most of all we need salvation from our sins.

It seems like the faithful are disappearing left and right,
Leaving just the naysayers, those with deceit on their lips.
Those with flattery on their tongues.
They speak evil in the most glowing terms,
Speaking falsehoods of others
making themselves look good in the eyes of men.

They seem to be saying, “Who is there that is our lord and master?
Look at me, I’m the best! Who is there that can out-do me?”
Vileness is exalted. Baseness is prized.

They strut in self-importance before the lowly and snub their noses at you,
Oh that you would rip the ugly smirks of derision from their faces,
And cut out their foul-speaking tongues.

They do not acknowledge You as their only hope of redemption.

Wake up, Oh Lord
Remember our humiliations before men.
Remember, Lord, the plight of the unfortunate,
Those that are mocked and pitied by the sham of richness around them.
Those whose riches are nothing more than filthy rags in your sight.

You have promised to protect your faithful people.
“I will place him who trusts in Me, in perfect peace.
I will protect him from this evil generation forever.”

Your words are true and as pure as highly refined silver. Amen

November Psalm 2017:15

I have run for dear life
Right into your arms, Oh Lord,
Why would I turn to any other source for my protection?

Some tell me,
“Run to the mountains, dig your bunkers deep.
Evil men are plotting against you day and night.
The whole country has turned to the Evil One.
Stockpile your food, keep your ammunition dry,
Your guns oiled and ready.
Your government has turned against you.”

But God is still in control. He hasn’t changed his address.
It is still 101 Temple Way, Heaven.
He is still on His throne, watching over the affairs of mankind.
Always, with unblinking eyes, testing both the good-doers
And bad-doers alike.

When anyone cheats He is outraged.
He tries even harder to win him over.
Those who persist in doing their evil
He will destroy.

God is pleased with those who trust Him,
Who put their weakness in His strong arms.
When all is said and done
We will be able to look Him straight in the eye
As we thank Him forever. Hallelujah! Amen.

November Psalm 2017:9


I will take refuge in the Lord!
Why do you ask me to be a Prepper?
Why do you tell me to flee to the mountains?
Or hide in the desert place?

Why horde a cache of food and other supplies
Only to have it taken from you by force?
Did not God supply Elijah with water and food
When he fled his enemies?

Where is your faith, O man?

You tell me that satellites are watching my every move,
Missiles are poised for my annihilation,
Or a FEMA camp is my destination,
Or a prison cell is my lot for believing a mighty God.
Your enemies want to tag and track me
And prepare me for destruction.

If the foundations of a godly society are uprooted
What are my choices?

You, O Lord, are in Your holy temple
Seated upon Your throne.
Your eyes of sorrow are upon the actions of mankind.
You are putting both the wicked and the righteous to the test.
You are revealing who will trust You
And whose heart is filled with violence.

Your last act toward the wicked will be
Heaping upon them fire and brimstone.

Though I am slain, yet will I trust in You.
The righteous will eventually see Your face!

November Psalms

Psalm 2017:05


Nations have come and gone for centuries, Lord,
But you remain enthroned above it all.
You judge the world in your righteousness
And with fairness.

You establish nations and set up their leaders,
As long as the people and leaders follow You, they prosper.
When they refuse Your leadership their nations have fallen
Only to be replaced by others.

You, Oh Lord, have become a haven for your oppressed people,
Those who get trampled underfoot by their leaders.
Those who know Your name and experience your mercy
Have put their confidence in You.

You do not abandon those who have put their trust in You
Or those who seek Your will.
We sing praises to Your name
And recount Your many blessings.

The poor may be forgotten by others,
But not by You, Oh Lord.
I arise in the morning to give thanks
To sing your praises
I will rejoice in Your everlasting love for me.

Rise up, then, and judge our wicked nation.
Do not let the schemes of evil men prevail.
Put them in awe of you
So that they my realize that they are not gods,
But frail and mortal men.