Psalms of a Modern Guy

I have been reading this month, David’s book of Psalms from the Bible. I have decided to write a few of my own based on my life experience. So using his as a general guide, and substituting my experience for his, I will be posting some of the results throughout this month of October.

Today is his / my, evening prayer.

His is from Psalm 4:1-8. While mine is from 2017:22

Many around me are crying out, “Show me the good in the world,
all I see is destruction and chaos.”
But I, O Lord, see your goodness and mercy all around me.
Your love permeates all your creation.

Yes, evil exists. Yes, destruction abounds
But isn’t that of our own making, Lord?
You continue daily to pour out blessings on us.
On both the wicked and the repentant ones,
More than we deserve.

Many pray to their god of greed, “Give me more, “I Need more.”
When they already have more than they deserve for their wicked ways.
My prayer is for satisfaction.
My happiness is in you, Lord.
My fulfillment in this life
Is doing for others what you have done for me.

I know not if I will arise in the morning to another day of service
Or to an eternal day of Glory,
But know this, O Lord, my desire is to do your will this day!

When I lie down at the end of day, May I go to sleep in peace,
Knowing that you alone, O Lord, have kept me safe this day
In the hollow of your hand.     Amen


Psalm 2017:21

My enemies are increasing, O Lord, my God.
They surround me in a huddle to taunt me.

“Look,” they whisper, “His God is useless to him.”
“He grows faint-hearted. He wavers when facing death.”
“His God can’t save him from his wretched death.”

But you, O Lord, Can deliver me! Not from my inevitable death,
but from the sins that block your face from my view
the sins that cause my faith to falter in time of need!

Be my everlasting strength in times of weakness.
Be the arms that lift me up when I stumble.
Dry the tears of remorse when I have failed you.

Let me lie down in peace
And arise to your victory over my enemies.
Let me not be intimidated or
afraid of the thousands upon thousands
camped around me, plotting to bring me to ruin.

Arise, O Lord, and save me!
For my salvation is in your hands alone.
May your blessings continue to be upon me,
your kid, Don.

Psalm 2017:10-20

God will bless the person that doesn’t waste time listening to idle gossip,
or spreading lies about others.
Neither will they spend time over a cup of coffee or at the keyboard heaping
shame or slander upon others.

He continues to bless those that spend time meditating on His Word,
unlike those whose meditations are on emptiness and self-serving.
Those whose meditations are on God will be as refreshing as shade in the desert
or sparkling water on ice in the heat of the day.

Those who take delight in the foibles of others are quite different.
They are building a life of dry bones and weatherbeaten skin.
They are like a rough draft of an improper document that will be swept into the
Recycle Bin to be Deleted on the Day of Judgement.

The Lord knows and blesses the ways of the righteous,
But the works of the unrighteous will be utterly destroyed.
Psalm of Don 2017:10-20

Psalm 2014:7

What’s in a Leaf for Life?

You bud to life in spring.
As with life you’re cool and clean,
A lovely, tender green.

What’s in a leaf for life?
Enough green to make hearts sing
Of God and His everything!

What’s in a leaf in Fall?
When by red and orange tis blushed;
When by rain its rustlings hushed?

Were a leaf to think,
Would he ever know
That God rules all below?

Were a leaf to choose,
Would he still choose death
That he might give breath

To another leave in Spring?
A leaf as lovely still as him
To bud, as he, on yonder limb

To catch my roving eye
Next Spring to yonder bough?
Will I wonder again, as now?

Suppose he’s thinking now,
Of men in life
And all their hurried strife.

Is he, like I, wondering
Why men here on earth
Have so little regard
For men of fellow birth?

Does he ever ask his fellow leaf,
“Will men ever learn to think?
Will man, at his troubles wink?”

Will  he, the face of God discern;
And being soothed by me, sing
Of God and His everything?

Of His works for men on earth?”
But leaves don’t act that way,
Only our imaginations play.

They live together, though as we,
But still they have no strife.
So, what is in a leaf for life?

A leaf lives only to give –
Give food, give life, give shade,
Give repose to the lovely meadow glade,

And calmness to beast and bird.
And to man, gives rest
Where he can think his best.

Think of God, and man
Of man and strife …
Of what’s in a leaf for life.

A Writing Challenge

A few weeks ago one of the staff members challenged us to try our hand at composing a Psalm, after the manner of King David. “Fashion it in today’s English and today’s issues, but make it read like it was written 3,000 years ago.”

To give these Psalms a reference, I call them by the year in which they were written, followed by a sequential number. Thus my first one was Psalm 2014:1

Psalm 2014:1

I will praise you, o my Lord

Praise you for your infinite grace.

When my enemy surrounds me

I will lift my voice in praise.

I will praise you for comfort

Praise you for leading.

When my internet goes down

And my blood pressure goes up.

I will give you, O Lord,

The focus of my life.

When my car won’t start

Its battery dead,

Even then will I praise your name.

When my router crashes

And my hard drive won’t spin,

I will turn to you, O Lord,

For it is you who saves.

Though I walk in the shadow of the rainbow

I will fear no evil.

Your mercies are beyond understanding,

Your wisdom beyond belief.

I will turn to you for my answers,

To you for my comfort.

Yea, though I am on the brink of despair,

You lift me from the pit of my own understanding.

Under your wings, O Lord, I am protected.

Deliver me, O Lord, from the counsel of the ungodly.

Deliver me from me.

I will praise you all of my days.

May I live in the house of the Lord forever!



A Psalm of Don