Who Lives Most?

We live in deeds done, NOT years lived.

In thoughts, not breaths.

In feelings, NOT figures on a dial.

We should count time by heartthrobs.


Is it he who is worth the most?

It is NOT what the world gives me;

In honor, praise and gold.

It is what I give the world,

So others may unfold.


One tiny thought in one tiny word

May give a great one birth.

And if that thought was caused by me,

I have lived a life of worth.


It is not what we have, nor even what we do, which directly

expresses the worth of a man, woman, or child,

But what we are!

So, who lives most?


Who LIVES most?

Have your feelings and heartbeats

Been the most?

What are you? What is your worth?

What have you sown in earnest in your

Work, study, and play?


Has Christ’s robe of righteousness wrapped you round;

Have you invited Him to stand with you?

Are you living now in preparation for eternity?

What have you sown?

Are you reaping divine actions?

Have you attempted to learn the most, or “just enough

To get by?”

Have you lived MOST?

Only you can answer the question!


Righteousness is the fulfillment of God’s creative purpose

In a person’s whole life.

This purpose begins here on this earth and

Follows us through eternity.

Righteousness is God’s plan for you and me.

Again I ask, “Who lives most?”

Perhaps it is he who reaps the most.

“Sow a thought,

Reap and act.

Sow an act,

Reap a habit.

Sow a habit,

Reap a character.”


It is well to think well;

But divine to act well.

So, who lives most?

Perhaps it is he who acts best.

You see, there are only two kinds of actors on this earth.

One kind uses his reason to learn.

Then they acts according to this knowledge.

The other kind acts the way he wants,

Then uses his reason to prove that what he did was right,

And what he didn’t do was wrong.

Which kind of actor are you?


Have you lived the most?

Have you learned the most?

No athlete was ever trained solely by instruction.

No soldier was trained by mere instruction

Or study of the manual, but by practicing his drill.


Saints are not made by looking through the pages of the Bible.

Not hearers of the law, but doers are justified before God.

Where duty is seen, God is revealed.

To see what God wants done and NOT do it

Is a dangerous thing.


So, live most today!

For, very day well lived

Makes every tomorrow a vision of happiness,

and every yesterday a fulfillment of Hope.


First presented @ Lariat Boy’s Ranch Sept. 1965

Quaran-Teen #3

Continuing with this short series of devilish maladies, in which Satan slaps a quarantine sign upside your head in an attempt to separate you from God, let’s take a look at Encephalomyelitis.

Yes, that big word is short for Sleeping Sickness. Sleeping sickness is caused by the African Tsetse fly. Tsetse flies come in about 21 varieties. All of them are blood suckers, living on the blood of both humans and animals.

It seems that they would be pretty poor company to keep if you wanted to run a blood bank. These flies don’t just suck blood, they leave something in return, the germs of Encephalomyelitis.

Some of the symptoms of this disease are drowsiness, and weakness. The victim is lethargic and unconcerned about his plight, not realizing that he is at death’s door. He feels no pain. He’s just peaceful and happy to get to sleep.

This one disease has caused more deaths than all the wars in history! Believe it or not, but one of the main cures for Sleeping Sickness is in small quantities of Arsenic, a deadly poison!

Did you know that Satan has a spiritual version of Encephalomyelitis that is coursing through your veins?

Let’s check a few case histories from the Bible. Remember Peter, James, and John along with the other disciples who went to the garden to pray with Jesus the night that he was hauled off to be crucified? Three times he left them alone to go off a little way to pray alone. Three times he returned to find them all asleep. Fortunately, it was not fatal for them that night. But, because of their sleeping sickness, and ours, it WAS fatal that night for Jesus.

Or how about Samson, the strongest man that ever lived? Remember, he went to sleep on the lap of Delilah, totally unconcerned for his life. Not once. Not twice, but three times he was lulled to sleep by Satan working through Delilah. He lost his strength, his eyesight and eventually, he died a suicide.

Jonah caught the bug when he ran away from the job God wanted him to do. He drifted off into a deep sleep in the basement of a boat during a storm. Peaceful. Unconcerned. Not knowing he was at death’s door. It almost cost him his life that day.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, recognized the sleeping sickness around him and explained it this way in Proverbs 6:9:11

“How long are you going to sleep, O sleepy one? When will you awake to see your plight? You hit the snooze button and roll over for more blissful sleep not knowing the danger you’re in.”

Rock-a-bye, lullaby, and bye-bye! The devil has rocked us poor suckers to sleep.

There IS a cure for Satan’s Sleeping Sickness. It is found in Romans 13:11-14 (Msg)

But make sure that you don’t get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God. The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed. We can’t afford to waste a minute, must not squander these precious daylight hours in frivolity and indulgence, in sleeping around and dissipation, in bickering and grabbing everything in sight. Get out of bed and get dressed! Don’t loiter and linger, waiting until the very last minute. Dress yourselves in Christ, and be up and about!”




Quaran-Teen #2

The second Quartn-Teen to consider is Psittacosis.
Now, you might be getting the idea that I’m talking about a disease that affects only bus drivers, teachers, presidents and mounted policemen.

Well, I hate to tell you that psittacosis is Parrot Fever! Not only parrots but Canaries, Macaws,, Cockatoos, and Parakeets get psittacosis, too. You might say this disease is “for the birds,” but it also affects humans.

Feeding Polly her cracker could be as dangerous as putting your hand in a rattlesnake’s mouth.

Satan has his brand of psittacosis, also. The symptoms are a little different, but the results are the same;

Imitation. You know what I mean;
“I’ll do what Sally does…”
“I’ll follow Frank’s footsteps…”
“I’ll dress like Dorothy today…”

This is not to say that parrots don’t have some good qualities, they do! Like having four toes. Two point forward and two point backward.
That would be a good setup for the person who doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.

With proper care a Parrot can grow to 100 or more years old. In that lifetime he could easily wipe out your cracker supply, too.

But, as pretty as a parrot is, he’ still best known for being an Imitator. The one who lets someone else put words in its mouth and ideas in his head.
Even if you don’t own a parrot it takes little effort for you to get Parrot Fever, any “Birdbrain” can get it.

All it takes is to forget about Christian Standards.
Guys, you can hang your jeans at half-mast with your boxers covering your bellybutton. Toss out some swear words. Maybe grow your hair over your eyes to hide behind, or roll it up in curlers.
Gals, get rid of all your modest clothing, wiggle into you tightest dresses or short-shorts.
Then there is the vocabulary. Forget about the Bible command to “let your speech always be with grace and seasoned with salt.” Season it instead, with spice and pepper, especially when your mad.

You’ll be a an A-Number-One-Parrot!

While you’re at it, go by the rule “It’s not wrong if I don’t get caught.”
Get careless about the things in life that really count;
Planning your life’s work.
Building a good, sound character.
Settling your soul’s salvation.

When you see this taking place in your life you can be sure the Devil is hanging up his Quaran-Teen sign, because you have psittacosis.

You see it takes convictions to go right when your friends are going wrong.
There is only one cure;
Dare to be yourself, not a copy of someone else. If you MUST imitate someone, Imitate Christ!

November Psalm 2017:9


I will take refuge in the Lord!
Why do you ask me to be a Prepper?
Why do you tell me to flee to the mountains?
Or hide in the desert place?

Why horde a cache of food and other supplies
Only to have it taken from you by force?
Did not God supply Elijah with water and food
When he fled his enemies?

Where is your faith, O man?

You tell me that satellites are watching my every move,
Missiles are poised for my annihilation,
Or a FEMA camp is my destination,
Or a prison cell is my lot for believing a mighty God.
Your enemies want to tag and track me
And prepare me for destruction.

If the foundations of a godly society are uprooted
What are my choices?

You, O Lord, are in Your holy temple
Seated upon Your throne.
Your eyes of sorrow are upon the actions of mankind.
You are putting both the wicked and the righteous to the test.
You are revealing who will trust You
And whose heart is filled with violence.

Your last act toward the wicked will be
Heaping upon them fire and brimstone.

Though I am slain, yet will I trust in You.
The righteous will eventually see Your face!

Blast From The Past – part 2

Aug 12, 2017


One of the items that Made its way down to AZ after our Summer trip was a 1963 Edition of a Reader published by Houghton Mifflin. It was first published in 1949. Reading it again brought back so many memories from my early years in school.
Back in the day, our little three room school used the Dick and Jane readers by Scott Foresman. It is also true that I was not always the compliant, model student. Because of that wayward gene in my DNA, I was often banished to the janitor’s room in an effort to gain my complacency.

These episodes sometimes lasted for an hour or so. But fear not, my teacher was never cruel… he just wanted me out of his sight until he could regain self control. To me it was a blessing, for in that 6’ x 8’ room with shelves to the ceiling, I discovered all the Teacher’s Editions. Of course my favorites were the reading books. Not just for the readers currently in use, but those that were not used.

One of the things that irked me in the upper grades was the fact that about one fourth of our reading books had been physically cut out. No one seemed to know what was taken out…. but after so many hours in that storeroom, I, little scrawny, Donnybud, knew what was missing! It was a world of make believe. Fairy Tales, Myths and all sorts of forbidden knowledge was missing. I lapped up these stories like a kitten who is all over a saucer of warm milk.

Jack and Janet _cover.JPG


You see, in our little church related school, if it wasn’t “true,” then we had no business reading it, no matter how moral the stories were. Which didn’t make a lot of sense to me… then or now. After all, were the stories of Dick and Jane, or as with the Primer in my hands, Jack and Janet, any more “true” than the Fairy Tales that we couldn’t read in the upper grades?

Anyway, putting that aside, it strikes me now rather oddly why none of the books were titled Janet and Jack or Jane and Dick. Why were the boys listed first in BOTH book titles?

Another observation. It seems that air-headed blonds are portrayed that way from a very young age, as in the little sister of Jack and Janet. The book opens with Mother looking for Janet to send to the store for some milk. She sees Penny first and asks her to find Janet and give her the short grocery list of milk.

Penny can’t find her sister, so she decides to go to the store on her own. Handing the list to the store clerk in a store the likes of which you’ve never seen, he gets the milk for her. The family must have an account at the store for there is no exchange of money.

On the way home she gets distracted, typical blonde, lays down the milk and her doll to console her kitten named Mitten. They set off for home with Penny forgetting to pick up her doll and the milk. Then on page 17 we find Mother, dressed with her petticoat on the outside of her dress, meeting Penny at the door and asking, Where is the milk?”

Jack and Janet - 17 1.jpeg


At this point, Penny, who is wondering where on earth the milk could have left her possession, looks around and spots Janet, her raven-haired smart sister coming up the sidewalk carrying her doll and the missing milk.

On page 79 begins a strange story of make-believe wherein Penny tries to convince the rest of her family that she is a rabbit. She manages to get out of doing some simple chores. She even refuses to help Daddy bring the groceries in out of the car.

Jack and Janet - 79 1.jpeg


So, Daddy gets a big wooden box to make her a bed outside on the porch while Mother brings her a carrot for supper. On page 95 we learn the truth. It’s not really much fun to be a pretend rabbit.

Jack and Janet - 95 1.jpeg

One day Mother makes a batch off cookies, but they start disappearing before Penny gets hers. They argue in that stilted, limited, Primer vocabulary about who might be taking the cookies. So, without using the actual words, they set a trap to find out if it was Tip or Mitten the kitten who is the thief. On page 112 we find that it was NOT Tip!

Jack and Janet - 112 1.jpeg


When it is time for Jack’s birthday celebration, we find the sexual stereotypes of the 1940’s and 50’s. We learned that there are toys that are just for boys and toys just for girls. Twenty-eight pages are devoted to finding just the right gift… one that is for a boy, not one that the girls would like. Then Jack and his male friends end up loosing the box kite that Janet has purchased for him. It was found by Janet and her friend, Dot. They succeed in launching the kite with just the short broken string that is attached… without using those words.

Daddy, who is WALKING home from work, catches them with the kite. The girls explain that the kite string is broken, but they would like to try flying it. Daddy, being the good guy that he is, despite the fact that he is wearing a fedora, gets some string for the girls.

Daddy, on page 162, removes his fedora in shame, wondering just what kind of girls he is raising when they insist on showing the boys how to successfully fly a boys kite.

Jack and Janet - 162 1.jpeg


The girls explain to the guys that, since the box kite got away from them and the girls got it flying, it is now theirs to keep.

Come on girls!

Come on authors!

It’s REALLY OK to take back a gift that you’ve given someone just because they lost it? And why is it OK to be playing with a boy’s toy when just a few pages before you were teaching us that there are toys just for boys and toys just for girls?

When my grand children were small there were books like Ted Has Two Mommies, and people complained that the schools were changing the mores of the next generation. They most certainly were and are, but was instilling the myth that mothers stayed at home cleaning, baking and wearing an apron, while father walked to and from work carrying a newspaper and wearing a suit and fedora any better?

The play and toys of boys and girls were so well defined back then! It wasn’t that many years later that women were astronauts, scientists, doctors and mathematicians. Hardly any mothers today do only housework. Most work outside the home and still find time to bear children and pay someone else to raise them.

I don’t know, maybe the Primers back-in-the-day, were more a snippet of how it was, rather than teaching what life should be like. Has life changed so dramatically because of what we read as a child? Or did we change, so our reading evolved with us?

Were we really not that good at learning the things that were so subtlety taught while we were learning to navigate the printed word?

I will soon publish a link to the entire book so that you can review 151 new words of your very own Primer vocabulary and enjoy the trip down Memory Lane in its entirety.

What do you think? Comment below.