Home At Last!

29 July 2017


Aw-w-w-w! Nothing beats stretching out in your own crib!
That is NOT to say that we didn’t have a good time this Summer, but it still involved living in the home of someone else.

Upon our arrival in Flagstaff Wednesday, we found a camping place in the Coconino National Forest about 4 miles from the Orthopedic surgery Center to park the RV. We were no more than barely set up when it began to sprinkle, then shower, then a full-blown thunderstorm. Jolie got her “Merry Meds” to calm her anxiety and promptly went to sleep.

Thursday, mid-morning, Evelyn met with the doctor for the pre-surgical interview for removing some hardware bracing that was left in her leg during an ankle replacement about a year ago. Friday morning the deed was done.

My Honey’s Hardware

Honey Hardware



While in WA I attempted to interest some of my grand kids in Geocaching, but they never really got into it even though we made several successful finds.

Stops along the way yielded three Geocaching finds to add to the ones that I located while in Washington.


One was a “virtual cache,”

Geocache 1





Geocache 2

one was in a stump










Geocache 3

and one was dangling from a tree.







At our camp near Flagstaff I tried to befriend a family of chipmunks, but they mostly just took my proffered crackers and ran.




In one of my previous blogs I showed several examples of Nursery Logs, those rotting logs that provide nutrients for other plant life.

NurseryTree 1Here is one example from Oakridge, Oregon.


At our camp in Flagstaff I found a rather unique example of a Nursery Log, and I couldn’t resist showing it.

Someone had dumped several pounds of dry Pinto beans onto a rotting log where the Monsoon rains soaked them to life and they are growing and taking root.

Our 100 lb. baby (Jolie) had a good time with her brothers, but even she was happy to be home. As we approached the city limits of Holbrook, Jolie began to take serious notice of her surroundings. When we got to the place where she takes her daily run, she REALLY got excited and we could hardly keep her in the truck. As soon as we got tho the house she was ready to make her rounds of the yard checking, it seems, to see if everything in her kingdom was still there.

Tomorrow is unpacking day. Wish me luck and sustained strength.

Loaded Truck