Almost Home

July 26, 2017

After spending a relaxing evening in Las Vegas yesterday, we awoke this morning to the curious taste of a new granola. This one contains no grains! …. mostly just nuts and honey.

However for a guy that is hooked on HoneyNut Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats, I didn’t think that the makers of this granola were standing close enough to the honey pot! One half of a peach sliced over it helped with the flavor. Be warned, it takes a lot of chewing to get it down.


Check it out at your own risk.AlmostHome 1a.jpeg




AlmostHome 2b.jpeg








Finding a nice place to set up camp in the Coconino National Forest, about 4 miles out of Flagstaff, we got ready to kiss this Wednesday goodbye.





AlmostHome 3b.jpeg



We discovered a little trail and set off to see what we could see. Both Jolie and Evelyn were eager the stretch their limbs after nearly 6 hours on the road.







AlmostHome 4b.jpeg





Found these two hikers tagging along in the sunbeams keeping us company.






AlmostHome 5b.jpeg




Couldn’t resist bringing home this towering thunderhead in a blue sky.







Tomorrow a doctor’s appointment followed on Friday by a minor surgery on Evelyn’s ankle. Saturday, a day of rest so she can recuperate and the final 90 miles will get us home to Holbrook and a “normal” life at









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