Homeward Bound

We are off to a jolly good start on our journey home. First stop for the night is Oakridge, OR. We arrived just before dark. Jolie cooled off in the Mackenzie River and we made a loop of the park.
We spent the morning doing a week’s worth of laundry and loading the pickup to over-flow with stuff that someone donated to the Holbrook Indian School, plus things that just happened into our possession at more that a few Yard Sales.

Last week we were attending the Gladstone Camp Meeting. The evening keynote speaker was Ty Gibson. Awesome! His evening presentations were live streamed and can be found here:

I understand that audio recordings were made of all the seminars each day, but so far I’ve not been able to locate the link.

Jolie was a orphan all week and has been as eager to hit the road as we are.