Lake Chautauqua Reflections

Lake Chautauqua Reflections
July 19, 2017

We have spent the first night ensconced in our “Family ’n Friends compound,” composed of three consecutive RV campsites on the grounds of the Oregon Conference SDA Conference Center at Gladstone, Or. Meetings don’t start until tomorrow evening, but already this part of the RV park is half full.


The Lake in its morning glory.

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Six brothers and sisters of the feather flocked through camp this morningChautauquaReflections  12b.jpegFamily_Friends Compound-b.jpeg





Family and Friends Compound


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Ducks Breakfast






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Tuesday morning, this week, I read the last posts on my Facebook page (making only a few Comments) and deleted my account. With my announcement the week before of its imminent demise, on my FB page, I promised to keep my word, unless I was dead, unlike those who promised to leave the USA if Trump was elected President, I’ve kept my word. But I understand that it may take up to 14 days for them to snoop out all my posts and information in order to delete it, so be patient I AM on my way out.

It’s been a good run. I’ve enjoy every minute, and hours upon hours, of our “visiting” on that venue.
Some of my Facebook “Friends” were relatives, some have been face-to-face friends in real life, some of you I have never met. Those in the latter category, I think that I would LIKE to meet you one day.
I am also limiting the use of the phone that is smarter than I am. Phone calls and text messages will be answered at my convenience… usually after Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I’m tired of being a Smartphone Zombie.
Email will take a few months longer to untangle, but for almost 200 years the postal service, paper, pen and ink has served our nation well. OK, I’ll probably use my computer as a word processor before dropping the missive in the mailbox. I’m taking that step so that I can more easily keep a copy of all my correspondence. Besides, I need to hone my handwriting skills or my recipients will not be able to read what I’ve written.. lol
My wife, Evelyn has pointed out that by Blogging, “You’re still on the internet, still being social, so what’s the big deal about not being on Facebook? You’ll be back soon as Jolie or some other fictional character.”
Perhaps but certainly not “soon.” If I can hold out long enough, I’ll be dead of old age… then what’s the point of being a “Friend” on Facebook?…. unless I join as a Zombie???
BTW, we are missing the Monsoon weather going on in south-central AZ in favor of more moderate (70-85F) !