Haunted Valley, WA


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July 14, 2017
Haunted Valley, WA
Our window with a view


This has been the view from our second-story window every morning this summer. There have been interesting variations, of course, but it has been basically the same. Sometimes it is clear. Some days the fog lies between us and the nearest trees.

It is with a bit of sadness that we will forever take leave of this fair view. Only four more mornings to enjoy this view … Two next week and one the following week. I say “forever take leave” because we will be leaving for Arizona in ten days. In August our youngest daughter will be selling this 20 acre paradise that we have called our summer home for so many years.

She bought this place in the early 2000’s and in 2008 they built this beautiful large house overlooking the Yacolt valley. We placed a modular home at one corner of the land and lived here for several years, until my wife, Evelyn, retired in 2010. Then we hit the road in a used motorhome, touching bases here at least once per year ever since.

Despite the usual rains, which have been noticeably lacking this Summer, I will miss this view. One never knows the multiple colors of “green” until living in the Southwest Washington countryside. There are the yellow-greens of the sunny Vine Maples to the black-greens of the shaded Douglas Firs and thousands in between.

Our Hidden Valley has water falls …




…and trickles.

IMG_3691 2.JPG

There are magical rings of iron …


….  ginormous trees …


…and cool places to hike.



The Lord willing, I’ll live long enough to see other beauty spots in this area next Summer.