Whom Do I Seek?

Whom Do I Seek?
Psalm 2016:5

When God comes near do I see him?
When God jogs my memory do I listen?
When he blesses my life with a glorious sunrise
Do I anticipate the following sunset?

When I touch a new baby’s skin
Do I reflect on the journey that my skin has seen?
When I savor a tasty fruit
Do I pine for the fruit of the Tree of Life?

When I revel in the melodic sounds of a great orchestra
Do my ears itch for the sounds of the heavily choir?
When I enter a crowded room
Do my eyes seek out the best looking or the most needy?

Heaven is here among us, but am I really cognizant?
The Spirit world constantly barrages me, leaning on me to choose God.
How am I to feel the Spirit’s leaning
If I am constantly seeing, listening, tasting and desiring things of the flesh?

You have promised, O Lord, to be my Guide
May I follow you in ALL things.
Seek your face in the eyes of need,
Taste your love in helping others,
Marvel at your greatness in the sunrise and sunset,
Listen to your words in the sounds of nature,
But most of all, be aware of your presence by my side,
Both by day and by night.

A Psalm of Don