Current Whimps?

youth of yesteryear

Some are offended by the message this photo portrays.

I’m sorry but I MUST be offensive with my comments: The present day 18 to 22 year olds were raised in a “politically correct” atmosphere where they were not allowed to vent their emotions and ideas. They haven’t learned to confront evil for fear of offending someone… mostly evildoers.
Those of 1944 were made into killing machines by those who wanted right to prevail at any cost.
However, Jesus preached “love your enemies” and “do good to those who abuse you.” He forgave those who put Him to death. He shielded the guilty from the retribution of the “righteous.”  And, he did it with words not rifles and swords or explosives. Two examples: the women caught in adultery that the priest wanted to stone to death, and the city who rejected the entry of Jesus and his boys. Peter asked if they should call down fire from heaven to consume them. He protected a “sinful” woman and a “sinful” city.
So, as Christians, do we take the route of being “killing machines” for the Lord? Do we wage holy war against evil with weapons? Or do we wage a war with words and die with the Gospel of love on our lips, like Jesus?
These are questions that I can’t answer for you. But they deserve answers from your own hearts just the same.
These “safe zones” are protecting students from a litany of words that are politically incorrect. They insist on doing it by using a reduced vocabulary of about 40 words that is such foul language it would make their grandmothers blush. They try to take middle-ground in a war between good and evil, in a world where they have been taught that there is NO evil.

My prayers are with the youth of today. You have been led astray by your parents, teachers, and yes, clergy. Some of you have caught a glimpse of Jesus and are following His lead, despite what others have said, and are carrying on the fight against evil in the correct venue …  your hearts and minds. I applaud you. All heaven applauds you.