Psalm 1115:17

A prayer of Don


Hear me, o Lord, in the middle of the night.

Give ear to the pleading of my heart.

Listen up!

I know I am not what you expect me to be,

But heart is in your favor.


Take my right hand in yours, Lord

Lead me in your path of Righteousness.

Care for me and protect me as one would protect

his eyeballs from the blowing sands of life.


My will is to do your Will, Lord,

But our enemy, the devil, is hot on my heals!

He waits with baited breath to see if I will pick up his lies,

to fall for his line, to try his latest gimmick.


I have purposed in my heart to follow You, to obey your Word.

I try daily to not stray onto the easy, paved paths

that lead to destruction.

But listen up, Lord, I need your left hand of guidance,

Your right hand of deliverance.


Yes, I need your corrections.

I cannot make this journey alone.

Give me the traction that I need

to keep from slipping off your paths


Through your Son, Jesus,

You have conquered the evil one,

But he still thrashes about in the throes of death

Determined to include all children of men in his destruction.

So deliver us in the battle for our minds.

We battle not with an enemy we can see, but with one

as unseen as a breeze, and as destructive as a tornado.

And for now,

I will gaze upon your righteousness.

I will trust in your deliverance.

I will believe in the transforming power that is found in Jesus.


And, I shall be satisfied,

when I awake from that last sleep,

with the likeness of you from my insides outward.

Forever Amen.





For Now, Lord

For Now, Lord

It’s been long enough, Lord!

I’ve had enough.

Enough of this burden of sin, already.

It has weighed me down beyond my alotted three-score and ten years.

Since I was a youth You have pricked my conscience and given me the desire to keep my eyes fixed on the back of your head as you lead me in the paths of righteousness.

Too soon I grow weary.

I’ve longed to see your face.

But that longing too soon fades.

I am left only with weariness.

Long enough our Enemy has looked down his nose at me with disdain.

He taunts me with my failure to keep my eyes on your back, as you lead, Lord.

He faces me, Lord, with dazzling, but empty promises.

Places within me desires that are not yours.

He scoffs when I stumble from the load of meaningless rules that he concocts from Your Word.

Soon enough I will feel your embrace.

Soon enough I will know your smile.

Soon enough I will know your plan for my life.

Soon enough I will see the burden that has been lifted from my shoulders.

Soon enough I will join with countless others who will praise your forgiving love forever.

For now I will trust your plans.

For now I will choose to follow.

For now I will trust without seeing.

For now I will praise what I cannot see.

For now I will believe what I cannot understand.

In the waiting time give me strength,




and Love.

Psalm 2015: 1113