1 Corinthians 13 — According to Me

The Love of Our Life

“Even if I could rap with the best and seduce anyone with my wit and wisdom, but do it without God’s love those words would be nothing more than stones rattling in a bucket.

Suppose I became the worlds greatest orator and was able to expand upon the mysteries of God, making them so plain that a child could understand. Even if my faith could raise people from the dead, but I do it without the love of God flowing from my life, it would be all for naught. For if my life of martyrdom, self-denial and gifts to the poor is not done out of love for God, all I have done is bankrupted my life in vain. So, no matter what I believe, or say, or do I am wasted without love.

Love never gives up.

Love always puts the needs of others first.

Love doesn’t try to keep up with the Jones’ or envy what others have.

Love doesn’t strut or flaunt itself.

Love doesn’t revel in the embarrassments of others.

Love is not fickle.

Love shuns a “me first “ attitude.

Love doesn’t carry a chip on the shoulder.

Love is trusting, and looks for the best in others.

Love endures to the end. I never dies.

Inspired speeches will fade into history. Praying in tongues will end. Even our understanding will soon reach its limit. Today we only know part of the truth about God and our words always fall short of real understanding. With the coming of Christ the second time, all our inadequacies will be complete.

When I was an infant I cooed and gurgled and couldn’t see past my mother’s breast. As I grew my understanding and communication skills increased and I left off those baby expressions.

Now, in my old age I see things without understanding them. It’s like I’m peering through a fog or cataracts. I long for the day of His appearing, when I shall see and know and understand, as it was God’s intensions for me in His original plan for my life.

But for now, until that time of completeness comes, we have three things that will lead us toward that consummation: A steady trust in God, unswerving hope, and extravagant love. The best of the these is Extravagant LOVE!”