Psalm 2014:5

The Battle for the Soul

Long before I was a twinkle in my parents eyes
You, O Lord, had plans for me
When I came along
to sing my songs.

The devil made his plans for me.
Death sang and danced for me.
When I was young and full of joy
He planned to strip this boy of his joy.
And so a battle was begun.

He placed the germs within my lung
Pneumonia nearly did me in.
First my health and then my will
You see, it’s me he wanted to kill.

“He’s mine all mine,” the devil shouted.
Mine all mine,” Jesus whispered.
I paid your price,” he’s mine.
“All mine,” the devil challenged.

Through the years battle’s raged,
even as I’ve aged.
To live for God, or live for me
That’s way it will always be.

To whom will I listen? Whom to obey?
Jesus is Lord, Almighty with Life.
I am a fool to choose death
to my very last breath.

So where is my will?
Can I climb every hill?

With you at my side O, Lord
I am a winner,
Though I be the sinner
For you are the Lord of my life.

Psalmist Don