Psalm 2014:4

A Twenty-first Century Psalm


The Lord is my Web-Master,
My needs are fulfilled.
My code is sure, my pages are clear
He leads me in the paths of righteousness.
Even though I walk through the Valley of doubt,
He is with me


Even though I mess with His code,
And destroy the php,
He still guides me.
His Spirit and Word still woo me.
Oh my God, I give me trust in you.


Let me not be ashamed of you before others
At my keyboard or to their face,
And let not my enemies triumph over me.
Oh bring me out of my distresses.
Re-write the codes I’ve destroyed,
restore my php.

As you repair the pages of my life for me
In the presence of my enemies,
Clear my head of misunderstanding,
Fill my heart with love, and clear away my doubts.
Your goodness and mercy have led me all the days of my life,
Whether seen or unseen

Let me dwell within your will, O, Lord, forever.


Don, the Psalmist