Psalm 2014:2

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

I will rise early in the morning

O Lord, to give thanks.

Though I have walked in iniquity,

You have stalked me in stealth

As a Mighty Hunter stalks his prey.

Though I have lived in joy

Within the camp of the enemy,

You have loved me.

You have saved me from my own wisdom.

I will lift my voice in thanksgiving.

Years have I wander the earth

In search of pleasure and wealth.

But wealth you have hidden from me.

For this I give thanks, and praise your name.

You have shown me in my golden years

That gold and silver are only

The tangible display of how I spent my time.

Time spent in doing your will

O Lord, carries no golden fruit,

But the fruit of knowledge,

And a life everlasting with You.

I will give thanks for

The gratitude of others,

The smile of a child,

The warmth of shelter,

The love of a spouse,

The trill of a bird,

Another day to experience

the wonders of your Love.

But most of all I would give thanks

For your everlasting Love.

Love that know no bounds

Towards the sinner that I am.

Thank you Lord for pursuing me

with your offers of Love

Even through my days of rejecting and spurning of that Love

Thank you for tackling me to the ground in Love.

Thank you for wooing me as no other.

Thank you for your untiring efforts to bring me Salvation.

Your name be praised for the rest of my days,

And may words of Thanksgiving be continually on my lips.

A Psalm of Don, a modern psalmist

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