Psalm 2014:6

A Psalm of Calm

Some go to the hills
To play in the fields of the Lord.

Some find a river
To play in the fields of the Lord.

Some prefer the woods
To play in the fields of the Lord.

Some seek a Highway
To play in the fields of the lord.

Some seek a deserted trail
To play in the field of the lord.

Some, of course, take a horse,
Some take a dog
To play in the field of the lord.

Some take a friend,
Some go alone,
To play in the fields of the Lord.

Some choose the rain,
Some choose the dry,
Some choose the cool,
Some choose the heat.

But wherever we meet
Wherever we play
Whatever the field
I want to play forever
in the field 
with you, My Lord.

A Psalm of Don, a modern psalmist


Psalm 2014:5

The Battle for the Soul

Long before I was a twinkle in my parents eyes
You, O Lord, had plans for me
When I came along
to sing my songs.

The devil made his plans for me.
Death sang and danced for me.
When I was young and full of joy
He planned to strip this boy of his joy.
And so a battle was begun.

He placed the germs within my lung
Pneumonia nearly did me in.
First my health and then my will
You see, it’s me he wanted to kill.

“He’s mine all mine,” the devil shouted.
Mine all mine,” Jesus whispered.
I paid your price,” he’s mine.
“All mine,” the devil challenged.

Through the years battle’s raged,
even as I’ve aged.
To live for God, or live for me
That’s way it will always be.

To whom will I listen? Whom to obey?
Jesus is Lord, Almighty with Life.
I am a fool to choose death
to my very last breath.

So where is my will?
Can I climb every hill?

With you at my side O, Lord
I am a winner,
Though I be the sinner
For you are the Lord of my life.

Psalmist Don

Psalm 2014:4

A Twenty-first Century Psalm


The Lord is my Web-Master,
My needs are fulfilled.
My code is sure, my pages are clear
He leads me in the paths of righteousness.
Even though I walk through the Valley of doubt,
He is with me


Even though I mess with His code,
And destroy the php,
He still guides me.
His Spirit and Word still woo me.
Oh my God, I give me trust in you.


Let me not be ashamed of you before others
At my keyboard or to their face,
And let not my enemies triumph over me.
Oh bring me out of my distresses.
Re-write the codes I’ve destroyed,
restore my php.

As you repair the pages of my life for me
In the presence of my enemies,
Clear my head of misunderstanding,
Fill my heart with love, and clear away my doubts.
Your goodness and mercy have led me all the days of my life,
Whether seen or unseen

Let me dwell within your will, O, Lord, forever.


Don, the Psalmist

Psalm 2014:3

A New Day

A New Day

Hallelujah! It’s A New Day

Hallelujah! It’s time to wake up,
to start a new day.

He banishes my darkness,
gives me new light.

Takes away my weakness,
gives me strength anew.

I rejoice in His gladness,
and dance a new song.

Arise my children
Praise His Holy Name!

Hallelujah! It’s time to wake up,
to start a new day.

A Psalm of Don, the Beloved of God

Psalm 2014:2

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

I will rise early in the morning

O Lord, to give thanks.

Though I have walked in iniquity,

You have stalked me in stealth

As a Mighty Hunter stalks his prey.

Though I have lived in joy

Within the camp of the enemy,

You have loved me.

You have saved me from my own wisdom.

I will lift my voice in thanksgiving.

Years have I wander the earth

In search of pleasure and wealth.

But wealth you have hidden from me.

For this I give thanks, and praise your name.

You have shown me in my golden years

That gold and silver are only

The tangible display of how I spent my time.

Time spent in doing your will

O Lord, carries no golden fruit,

But the fruit of knowledge,

And a life everlasting with You.

I will give thanks for

The gratitude of others,

The smile of a child,

The warmth of shelter,

The love of a spouse,

The trill of a bird,

Another day to experience

the wonders of your Love.

But most of all I would give thanks

For your everlasting Love.

Love that know no bounds

Towards the sinner that I am.

Thank you Lord for pursuing me

with your offers of Love

Even through my days of rejecting and spurning of that Love

Thank you for tackling me to the ground in Love.

Thank you for wooing me as no other.

Thank you for your untiring efforts to bring me Salvation.

Your name be praised for the rest of my days,

And may words of Thanksgiving be continually on my lips.

A Psalm of Don, a modern psalmist

A Writing Challenge

A few weeks ago one of the staff members challenged us to try our hand at composing a Psalm, after the manner of King David. “Fashion it in today’s English and today’s issues, but make it read like it was written 3,000 years ago.”

To give these Psalms a reference, I call them by the year in which they were written, followed by a sequential number. Thus my first one was Psalm 2014:1

Psalm 2014:1

I will praise you, o my Lord

Praise you for your infinite grace.

When my enemy surrounds me

I will lift my voice in praise.

I will praise you for comfort

Praise you for leading.

When my internet goes down

And my blood pressure goes up.

I will give you, O Lord,

The focus of my life.

When my car won’t start

Its battery dead,

Even then will I praise your name.

When my router crashes

And my hard drive won’t spin,

I will turn to you, O Lord,

For it is you who saves.

Though I walk in the shadow of the rainbow

I will fear no evil.

Your mercies are beyond understanding,

Your wisdom beyond belief.

I will turn to you for my answers,

To you for my comfort.

Yea, though I am on the brink of despair,

You lift me from the pit of my own understanding.

Under your wings, O Lord, I am protected.

Deliver me, O Lord, from the counsel of the ungodly.

Deliver me from me.

I will praise you all of my days.

May I live in the house of the Lord forever!



A Psalm of Don