The Hazzards of Planning Your Life

It was only a few weeks ago that we had the next 12 months of our lives all planned out. We would go back home to Mt. Ellis and work for 3 weeks at the school, for which they would compensate us for travel expenses from Holbrook to the school, then on to Washington. Then, leaving our coach in Washington, we would travel on to California, to attend the wedding of our grand-daughter, Laura. At the end of the Summer we would return to Holbrook where Evelyn has accepted the part-time job as Librarian, and I would volunteer in Maintenance.

Simple plan.

Good plan.

But evidently, not God’s plan.

Then we got word that one of the teachers here has accepted a teaching position in Georgia. So. So, her husband was just promoted to be the new Maintenance Director here at Holbrook Indian School. Since the current Director is moving on.  Suddenly the school is left with only a part-time employee and a volunteer (me). The school is left with two unfilled positions to keep the plant going and prepare for the coming school year.

In a matter of minutes our well-laid plans for the next 12 months have been completely changed. We both will be getting paid next school for doing the same things that we did for free this year.

Is God good… and unpredictable, or what!

At 73 years of age I didn’t need to be retired anyway.