Car Buying Frustrations

Today was spent like any other day looking at cars. Except these were located in Used Car Lots. Or as the newer, more expensive cars are called, Pre-Owned Cars.

Like there’s some big, mysterious difference between them. Seriously, all the cars were either repossessed because their owners couldn’t make the payments anymore, or they developed some mechanical problem that they didn’t want to fix, or they just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get the latest new car and throug away all that good depreciation money, just because they can afford it.

Then, there those of us who NEED a new car because the 1997 RAV 4 with 220,000+ miles on it is banging along with a noisy, clattering rod, but who can’t afford a NEW car, so we go shopping for the 5 or 6 year-old castaways of other people who who buy those NEW cars, because they can.


At first we were looking for a Toyota Tacoma, then after driving one, we found that it could not be flat-towed behind a motor home, so we check that off our dream list. At another lot we were about sold on a 2010 Ford Escape, because they showed us from the Manual that it COULD be towed, but after checking on the Ford Forums we found that Ford had been replacing transmissions right and left because people were towing them! It seems that only 2WD, standard stick shift is the only one that can be towed, but for me that’s a no-no. So, we decided that another RAV 4 might be better, and we can continue to trailer it. That way we can have an automatic tranny.

But wait! If we are going to trailer something, why not a Tacoma? Because the little woman can’t see over the hood very well! How about a booster seat? Do they make booster for 70 year-olds?

What can I say? After three days of intense Internet research and shopping, all we have is information. At the end of a long day of shopping in person, we are no closer to a replacement for our old car than we were 10 hours ago.