The Perfect Place

This was the lowest, filthiest part of the city, along an alley where the noon-day sun shines only a few time a year. Here was the perfect place to do what had to be done.

Here no one would hear her cries of pain, and fear. He knew it would be that way, he was sure of it. He had watched his big brother Bob do it. He had made his mental notes after close observation. He was confident, but still a little apprehensive.

What would make a sweet girl like her to beg him to do it, like she had only a few hours ago, even when she suspected it would hurt a little.

Yes, this was the perfect place.

He made his way, as inconspicuously as possible to the corner pay phone, and called Mary to tell her where to meet him. She would be there in fifteen minutes. Not much time, he’d have to hurry. He determined in his heart to give her somewhat more than she had bargained for.

In Casey’s Drug Store he wondered which world be better, a piece of clothesline rope, or some less conspicuous nylon twine. He’d need a plastic bag, too. These he stuffed into his pocket and headed back for the alley.

Now he looked for a good heavy brick, heavy enough to do the job in one swift throw. He wondered if anyone could understand why he must do it in this God-forsaken alley. Why he had to go one step farther than his big brother Bob.

Presently, he heard the soft confident step of unsuspecting Mary, up til now his best friend.

His hands were clammy, and he could feel his heart pounding around his eyes. Quickly he made the necessary preparations, then as she was talking, he made his move. With one swift thrust of the brick it was all over. The tooth was out.

Just as he had suspected, she cried. But, he was a little more considerate than his big brother Bob. He held the hand of his nine year old friend while she cried.