Here I Go Again?


The highlight of the weekend was not the Hashknife event.

Well, after a long weekend of camping out, waiting for the Hashknife Pony Express to arrive in Scottsdale, we finally get to sleep in our home bed. There’s nothing like a sleepless night in your own bed, as opposed to a strange bed.

Did I mention sleepless night? Perhaps it came from drinking so many Big Gulps to stay awake for the driving. Then one has to suffer the “residual effects” of the caffeine.

Oh, did I mention “go again?” That is not a play on words for me. I literally go again and again for a day or two… and suffer withdrawal headaches. So, why do I do it? Why drink the agua fuche?

I quit drinking it for several months last Summer. Dr. Pepper was my favorite. After stopping the intake of so much sugar, I lost 12 pounds and had to buy new jeans. Not sure that the move was fiscally advantageous. I saved money on the pop and lost on the new clothes.

In starting again, I have slowly become habituated to Diet Dr. Pepper. Which is even worse for the body than the sugar, and also I crave other snacks to go with it. I think that maybe that is a characteristic that I have in common with other consumers of diet drinks. We think that because we aren’t eating sugar in the soda, we can eat thousands of calories in other forms.

So publicly, I resolve to kick the pop. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.

Is there an AA for soda drinks? Or would that be SDA (Soda Drinkers Anonymous?) O-o-oh. That is a play on acronyms.

More photos have been added to the Hashknife ride album and can be found here: