Pick up your guns OR Lay them down?

Pick Up Your Gun or Lay It Down

It’s hard not to get embroiled in affairs of government these days with all the skullduggery going on in Washington. I have friends who would argue that our basic Constitutional rights are being eroded so quickly. “We are fast becoming slaves!” they implore. “We need to buy our guns now, and stockpile ammo, so that we can defend ourselves against our corrupt government.”

Some have even pointed out that at one time Jesus told his disciples, “If you don’t have a sword, sell your coat and buy one.”

Some make some pretty compelling points.

Where does one draw the line in the sand and declare, “My rights are here, I will not back down.”

For some of us, it is a difficult question to answer. We want to follow our forefathers and all those that have died to give us the freedoms that our fathers enjoyed.

Even within my lifetime I can tell that I don’t have the same amount of freedoms that my father enjoyed.

But what were those freedoms anyway? Were they not the blessings of God? When reading accounts of the struggles of our founding fathers to get this great country on its feet and headed in a new direction, one cannot help but be impressed with the hours and hours of prayer that accompanied each decision. Many of them thanked Devine Providence for the direction given and the prayers answered.

But, there has always been an element of evil involved, also. The devil himself worked vigorously behind the scenes to thwart their plans. In every political party there has been the element of evil minds working for disharmony among the group. Selfish and self-serving men have be elected.

As a modern Christian, I believe that our country has about used up its allotted time. The time for defending our “freedoms,” or getting into politics to help keep our country going in the right direction has long-passed. Our ancestors have done what they could to keep an equilibrium, but the evil ones of the world are holding the upper hand now, even as they did in the days that Christ first walked this earth.

It’s time we stopped worrying about our loss of “freedoms,” our guns and food supplies, and start warning people of the limited time that we have left on this earth before Christ comes in judgement and condemnation.

His second coming will catch so many by surprise. Everyone, no matter their station in life, whether it be politician, slave, president or king, will be carrying on as though the world will never end. As Jesus told his followers, “As the lightning comes out of the East and shines to the West, so shall the coming of the Son of man be.” We may see the signs and expect a storm, but will have no idea what it’s really all about until it’s too late.

So, do I have a Constitutional right to arm myself? Absolutely!

Does the Constitution give me the right to defend myself against my government? Absolutely!

If the president himself comes knocking on my door to collect my guns, do I have the right to shoot him? Absolutely!

Will I do it? Most probably not. I believe it is too late in this world’s history to quibble over things. God is looking for people who will “love their enemies as themselves.” We are past the Old Testament times when He used His followers to meet out judgement on the surrounding nations. Today, when the nations around us have filled their cup of iniquity, He will put an end to the madness that reigns now.

I don’t know that I have it in me to “love” my enemies yet, but I will not do them any harm either. God will take whatever revenge is needed. I trust His judgement. I leave it in His capable hands.

There is the very real possibility that I will become a slave, even at my advanced age, or worse a prisoner in war between good and evil. Even if I am killed because of my Christian beliefs, all is not lost, for Jesus died the permanent death in my place.