Banquet Fantasia

Fifty-one years ago I was attending a quaint small college that put co-ed student on social restriction when they overstepped the social rules or got too “cozy” on campus. My girlfriend and I were the recipients of that social restriction from Thanksgiving vacation until the beginning of Christmas Break. At that time we were required to quit school for the rest of the year.


That was more or less in our plans anyway, since we had decided to get married during Christmas Break. Here we were, taking many classes together, eating meals together and we couldn’t talk to one another. She couldn’t leave campus to make wedding plans and buy stuff.


We were to go to a Christmas Banquet together just before break. But, here we were on “social” and unable to go because of the rules. This poem was written out of my lament for our situation. In the end neither of us attended, but we DID get married on Dec. 27, 1961.







Banquet Fantasia



the banquet that wasn’t there –

or was it I?


I searched the lonely crowd

For the glimpse of your eyes –

The lonely crowd?

Or was it I?


I desired the touch

Of your cool, soft nose,

The smell of your wind blown hair.

Yet, in all I knew you wouldn’t be there,

Or was it I?


I craved the sound

Of your sweet voice

To caress my yielded ear.

But, alas, you were not there,

Or was it I?


Bathed in radiance of youth,

Robed in satin red,

With tenderness warm

You would have went.

But alas, you couldn’t dare,

Or was it I?


The girl of my dreams,

Gardenia tipped,

And she wasn’t there,

Or was it I?