Been Thinkin–Again

01/13/2013 Been Thinkin’ … Again

These are some of the thoughts idly bouncing around in my head this morning.

* why is it that most of the time, when you have the money to do something, you don’t have the time? Or the time and no money?

* if all you want out of life is a little peace and quite, mostly what you get is noise and confusion?

* why is it that when God says give, I tend to want to keep?

* how is it that cold seems to be the norm in this world, whether we consider the weather or people. That darkness is the norm. Without an external source of enlightenment, darkness covers the earth and the minds of mankind.

* why is it that if you make ugly faces at a baby it will begin to cry or show fear even though you never touch him / her. However, laughing at it will produce laughter in the baby. When are those responses learned?

* how about that Biblical character, King David. Jesus called him “a man after God’s own heart.” But look at his record… a liar, cheater, wife stealer, murderer, fornicator, and maybe even a homosexual. Is his life recorded to let us know that we too, can be people “after God’s own heart”… no matter how bad we’ve been? I’ve been most of those things, also. After each of those evil events in his life he went to God seeking forgiveness. THAT is what made him “a man after God’s own heart,” not the fact that he did all those things. You and I are in the same boat with him. No matter what our sin is, God is faithful and just and will forgive our sins to the extent that we forgive those who sin against us.