First Published Works Pt.2


In the same publication referred to yesterday, I entered a poem that I wrote that was inspired by a piece of literature called “Jabberwacky.” I think mine flows better, although it is a mixture of English, Spanish, German and non-sense.


When reading this aloud and you come to the capitalized letters, read the letters individually, i.e. “F U N E X ?” slurred a little would sound like, “Have you any eggs?”


Sure it’s a corny poem. I guess they’d publish about anything in those days. I wonder, does WWU still have a Literary Club on campus? Do they still publish The Gadfly?


I might humbly inject here, that my cover design for the publication was accepted and used on the 1959-60 Gadfly.







Ina’ land o’ kidpidd, two boo they slew

Por que they slay? To fore the


Ina’ lan o’ kidpidd too dear fear,

Two peds who bi; and when alone


We tree hab gone gobblygook mit der

Liver fluke. Vee got Jabberhouss;


Bottom lose de goat and de goose.

F U N E X? S E F X! Goot, take


Milch mit der X? Nay, belly away.

Me vant vennygook mit der X!


Wantum carrum flu tee do de di,

Two peds who bi; vee got Jabberhouss.

Strikeout, poutout, countout, yasure!

Yebattshee. NU fresh McLish?


Jabberhouss fambilly.