Bible Surprises and Lessons

While listening this morning to my favorite audio book, the Bible, several points stood out as I listened.


1. Moses taxed the people when he counted everyone.


2. According to the census, there were barely 600,000 men above the age of 20 years.


3. There were undoubtedly at least one wife for each of those men. But according to the custom of the time, there were most likely more than one wife for most of those men. If one would pick about 1.75 as the number, there would be about 1,050,000 people. But there were people under 20 years to consider. If there were about 5 kids per family, it would bring the total to 5,250,000 people.


4. When the people brought their gold ear and nose rings, there was enough gold for Aaron to build a huge golden calf, which Moses ordered to be ground up, added to the water and forced the people to drink it. I wonder where it was pooped and if any of the people tried prospecting their feces.


5. A short while later there was still so much gold and silver to build the mobile tabernacle that Moses had to tell the people to stop bringing it


6. A little later, although the people had plenty of herds to live off of plus the manna God had been sending them every day but Saturday, they pined for the leeks and onions of Egypt. In other words they wanted variety. He sent them quail that they gorged on until they began dying.


I began to wonder, “How many times in my life have have I had plenty and wanted more? How many times have I had what was good for me, but wanted that which would bring me harm? How many times have I given my wealth to worthless causes when God would have chosen differently for me if I would have let Him? Are our riches recognized and appreciated as they should be?”