Time at the Speed of Life



From here to here in a moment or two.



The days of 2012 have dwindle or sped away, depending mostly on your age. When I was about 6 years of age I remember lamenting (no I didn’t know the word “lamenting” at that time), that it seemed forever before I would be in the 4th grade room at school.

But forever came and went while I forgot about the goal. But between the 6th and 8th grades I had attended three different schools and I just knew that I wouldn’t make it past the 8th grade before I died of old age. But, I  earned my first drivers license in the middle of the 8th grade. Before the next school year had finished I had driven my grandfather’s pickup from Caldwell, ID to Gaston, OR and then, on to Battle Ground, WA all by myself. Well, actually I had a passenger about my same age.

Time was, even at this young age, speeding up for me. I did graduation from the 8th grade… barely, after some extensive make-up school work during the Summer. I guess that would have been considered as time going backwards for a little while.

My high school years, aside from the grand driving tour my Freshman year, were a time of doldrums, just living day to day. Sometimes adventuresome, sometimes troublesome. It wasn’t until the last few weeks before graduation that I decided that I would rather go to college than go to war.

With the onset of college, my life took on one goal after another that seemed to be a long time attaining. One of those major goals was to be a teacher. That was not readily apparent from reading the 1959 Yearbook from Columbia Academy, where I had listed my Ambition as “Brain Surgeon.” Being a doctor of anything required too much time in preparation and I didn’t have that much time. I needed to get married, have those 2.7 kids and support them.
In short, my biological clock was counting down faster than I was keeping up.

It was way too soon therefore, that I almost doubled the allotted children, to four. Time began to go faster and faster. Our babies were growing to be brats. Before the youngest ones had turned to brats the oldest were already in their teens. By the time the youngest were teens the older ones were almost fit to live with again. By the time the youngest ones were fit to live with, the older ones were married and living with someone else.  My life was on a rocket sled speeding me along, while I was desperate to slow things down, rather than wishing life would speed up.

I remember hearing a song from those years with the lyrics, “Stop the world, I want to get off…” I didn’t write the song, so this rush of time must have been a problem that I have in common with others on this time trip.

Events have just whizzed by… the birth of our first grandchild, the birth of eight more of them and the adoption of two more. It can’t be long until the birth of our first great-grandchild.

In fact, linear time has been the enemy of all creation almost from the beginning and it has been getting worse as the years go by. Originally, time was cyclical. At Creation there was First Day, Second Day, Third Day….. Seventh Day and then the cycle started over again. Back then, plan was for this to continue for eternity.

After the sins of Adam and Eve, time took on a new dimension. Humanity was steamrollered by the devil, flattening out time into a linear dimension. Oh, there was still First Day, Second Day, etc. but now they led somewhere beside Eternity. They became countdown markers between our birthday and our deathday. Now, from the time of our conception until the time we drawn our last breath, we are in the process of dying.

Biblical records reveal that it was not unusual for mankind to live eight or nine hundred years. Not so today. We are lucky to reach mid-70s, very few attain 100 years. So it is not my imagination, things really are speeding up. So, can we conclude that Life is passing by at a greater velocity than in past millennia? If so, what can be done about the situation? If the quickening pace of life is out of our control, shouldn’t we be trying to put more love, happiness, and joy into the shorter time frame that we have available to us?