Who’s Complaining?

For those of you who have experienced the oral procedure known as a “root canal” know that, often as not, it is a painful healing process. This has been my case this week. Along with the continuing ache in my face, there has been the jabbing electrical shock when I try to chew with that tooth.

I had an inkling that I might be in for trouble when, after two hits of Novocaine one tooth was still very sensitive to the doctor’s probing, grinding, drilling and gouging. Although Dr. Mike was trying to be careful, there is only so much persistent pain and squirming that a dentist can tolerate in his vict… er, patient. So, reluctantly he loaded another syringe and loaded my whole sinus cavity. Even my lower eyelid could feel no pain.

He gave me a prescription for a painkiller/ anti-inflammatory. As the Novocaine wore off I was seized by phantom pain from a nerve that no longer existed. The nerve had been exercised from my mouth hours ago, but it hurt as though it were still in its death throes. Even the jawbone that held that lifeless tooth rooted to my skull ached.
But why would I complain? Didn’t I have God’s promise that He would not let me suffer more than I am able to bear? Didn’t I have the doctor’s painkillers to help fulfill God’s promise?

One week, to the day, of chewing on one side of my mouth to stave off starvation, with just two pills left, the pain is gone. I’m chew full-force with impunity on the offending tooth without any pain whatever.

I’m not complaining, really, I’m not. To God be the glory. I endured the suffering, and my mouth should last until I’m cremated.