Wrestling Gold From Scott’s Bar


This week past has been a new adventure. We attended a Lost Dutchman Mining Association / GPAA dig near Yreka, CA with our daughter and son-in-law, Vickie and Jim Creagan.

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The Wonderful Mind of a Dog

It has been nearly a year since we left Yacolt, WA the place of our dogs birth and her first home, but she remembers it. In fact, she recognized where we were and started getting nervously excited as we were crossing the Glen Jackson bridge over the Columbia River, more than 20 miles from “home.” The closer we got to Battle Ground, the more excited she became.

Whereas, an hour earlier she had been peacefully sleeping on the floor of the coach, she was now glued to the windshield or hanging her head out the window. What stimuli brought back the memories? Was it smell or sight? Or a combination? What was it that she recognized?

When we arrived at our destination she leaped from the coach and ran to her brothers and their three friends with obvious enjoyment.

But the overwhelming question is, how did she know where she was going from 20+ miles before reaching her destination?