Democrat Cowbirds

We have had several bird feeders up for a couple of months now. The last week or so the Cowbirds have discovered them.

Now some of you know about the practices of Cowbird reproduction and family life, many do not, so here is a brief synopsis. They mate in the usual way (like your parents tried to explain to you in “The Birds and The Bees talk). Then, when it comes time to lay the eggs she finds a host nest… preferably one with eggs in it… and she lays her egg or two in the nest while its original occupant is out eating or whatever. Some have been know to pull some grass or other material over the first eggs to keep them from being incubated. If any of the other eggs do manage to hatch the chicks are rudely pushed out of the nest by the larger Cowbird and their food is gobbled by the Cowbird chick.

For the last two days I have watched this flock of 20 or so usurpers feed and pillage at my feeders. They have emptied my one and one-half gallon feeding station every 24 hours. Most of the food gets kicked to the ground where it is gleaned by more of their kind.

They have no respect for the needs of others. They seem to live for breeding and taking advantage of others. They waste what is provided for them, living off the largesse  of others, and wait for more.

I wonder, could  all Cowbirds be Democrats?