A Penny Lost… A Penny Found

Today while working on my house remodel project I found a 1935 “D” wheat penny. It was lost by a previous owner. It had fallen into a crevice under the baseboard.

In my imagination, this penny was lost in 1935 or 1936 when a penny actually had some value. For instance, 18 pennies would buy you a dozen eggs. Ten pennies would buy a gallon of gas. You could share a loaf of bread for 5 pennies.

In 1935 or country was in the depths of The Great Depression. This little penny must have been quite a loss to its owner. If he/she owned a car, this one penny would have provided the gas to go shopping in Bozeman (about 6 miles away) and return home. Or it could have provided the ingredients for an egg sandwich for lunch, or bought the milk for the baby’s bottle.

1935 penny