Wallpaper of Life



This photo was snapped from our driveway one gloomy morning. There was a bright spot through a break in the clouds off to the west. With a little tinkering I created a new wallpaper for my laptop.

This morning I began conjecturing about the wallpaper or back-drop of our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could create a change in the back-drop of our lives whenever things begin to push in around and oppress us? It must be possible… people have even written songs about it. One from my youth, with lyrics, …”Who can take a cloudy day and turn it into sunshine, The Candy Man can…”

I’ve since learned that the song is referring to the neighborhood drug dealer. Just as the writer had to use the Candy Man to change the back-drop of his life, I had to use PhotoShop to turn this scene into a thing of beauty. However, in the realities of our lives God has promised to lighten our burdens and give us hope. He has promised to give us new life and a new place to live where the streets are paved with gold and our food will be be assured for eternity. We can be sons and daughters of the living, eternal God. With whom there is no death or suffering.

This is the wallpaper that I desire for my life here and I pray that you will make it yours, too.