Best Quote

“So… this is why you do not think the efforts of people like me to free us from the Romans are worthy?” asked Simon, considering this for the first time.

“Now you understand,” said Jesus, “Fighting for some small political cause, when all is going to end and people will be doomed if they have not prepared, is a disgrace. It doesn’t matter who rules whom, or how high the taxes are, or whether it’s unfair that a Roman can force someone to carry his gear a mile. Carry it two miles, what’s the difference? The Roman and his pack are soon going to vanish.”

“Good deeds remain, which is why you should carry the pack an extra mile. Your good deed will endure, the Roman and his pack will not. It is hard to understand, but it is part of God’s mystery.” page 395, Mary Called Magdalene by Margaret George


An awesomely good read all the way through.