Spring on the March (in March)

This week is Spring Break for the students at Mt. Ellis Academy, so it seemed like a good time for us to get away for a few days. This past weekend we took a road trip through what’s left open of Glacier National Park. We spent the night at East Glacier Park, and entered at the East Gate to explore for about 10 miles.

Leaving the next morning we headed northwest and cruised through Kalispell in a southerly direction to spend the next night in a very old hotel at Symes Hot Springs. The whole town, it seems, is over-run with New Agers and crystal worshipers. While walking through the lounge with Jolie we overheard a father telling his children in a loud stage whisper, “Oh look kids, there’s a huge Spirit-dog!”

The next day, after a final soak in the hot tubs, we set out for Lost Trail Hot Springs, south of Missoula. It was just closing for the next two days, so we couldn’t spend the night, but we were able to get the Senior discount for soak for as long as we wished… which turned out to be about an hour.

Continuing on, we dropped out of the mountains into Wisdom, MT in the Big Hole Valley. The Big Hole Valley has the slogan of “The valley of 10,000 haystacks.” It was here in its early days that someone patented a device for stacking 30 ton piles of hay. Although we didn’t see any of these unique hay piles we did see quite a few of the machines for stacking them. We missed the Winter Festival where they have ski races down Main Street, with the skiers being towed by horse and rider. They have to negotiate slaloms, jumps and the works.


Click here for a few photos and comments from the trip.