Vision or Visionary?

Some of you that have followed my Blog for a while will remember that after I installed some tile flooring in our motor home will remember that I began seeing faces of strange creature within the tile pattern. Well, now it is happening again with the tile that I’ve used in this house remodel.

Here is one example.


C’mon, look for the dancers BEFORE I reveal them.

O.K. Here are the two 18th century, French gay guys, either dancing or sharing a secret. The shorter of the two is the bitch dressed in a vail with a ribbon tied in a bow at the back of his head and is outlined with a black line. The taller dude is dressed in classical French attire, and standing behind the bitch on front. He is outlined with a white line. You can tell that they are both guys because they are bearded. Now you see it don’t you?


Then out hiking this weekend I found this dried up chunk of bone. Looking at it from different angles, one can see different things.


It doesn’t take much to see the New Owl, does it?