Snowboarding and Other Trivia

With the current arrival of warm weather, things are happening around the outside of the house. Our dog, Jolie, normally spends her mornings sunning herself in the backyard, stretched out on a castoff table top… her snowboard, we call it. Yesterday, I captured her wistfully looking around wondering what was happening to her beloved snow. Click here to catch the action… or inaction.


But I wasted no time in getting some things done on the outside of the house. We put some “beefier” post and beams under the house to jack on, and ripped out two sections of crumbling foundation. We will be sinking three holes into the ground in which we’ll build concrete pilings to shore up the corners and middle of the front of the house. We’ll follow that with a more substantial foundation.

Here are the latest photos. I have reversed the order in this album, so that latest photos will be at the beginning.