Snow Tornado ?

Mid-afternoon yesterday held an unusual weather event. Within a few minutes the already-cold temperature dropped another 10 degrees and the wind picked up velocity, driving the light snow horizontally. It  felt like hypodermics striking our skin. I called the four students who were working outside to come into the house where we finished cleaning out the work room.

It may not have been a tornado, but the wind was more than 50 mph for over 45 minutes. It eventually cleared and settled into a steady 14 F. I guess the REAL tornadoes were to the east of us, where several lives were lost from KS to MO where nearly 30 tornadoes touched down.

There are many kinds of storms to be encountered in life. We face them, even Jesus faced them. Some can be weathered by hiding in a basement, bathroom or closet. Others are best faced in the arms of a loved one, but the really big one can only be withstood in the arms of Jesus.