We should never let adversity get us down… except to our knees.
According to James 5:13 (NIV) “Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray…”

Along those same lines, we watched a very good HBO Documentary, “Which Way Home,” this week. IT followed the adventures and misadventures of 9 children “migrant workers” as they made the harrowing 1,000 mile trip from Honduras, through Mexico aboard freight trains. Most of them were traveling solo or in groups of 2 or 3. Several were only 9 and 10 years old! All were coming to the United States to better their lot in life. Some made it, some died in the deserts, some were apprehended and returned.
Made me SO glad that, although I have had adversity, it has never been as bad as these kids are having
Also makes me wonder why it is that we citizens of the USA so cling our niches in life that we can not or will not move over a little and make room for those who want to come here to better their lot in life.

This is a BIG country. If so much of it wasn’t owned be the Federal gov’t, there would be plenty of room for more people. We don’t HAVE TO be packed together in cities, driving big cars, live in awesome houses watching football on big-screen TVs and supporting all those athletes with millions of dollars and refusing the little guys the opportunity to better himself.
Does that attitude stem from greed?

Now I’m not for a moment suggesting that we have gov’t programs to feed and house these people for a minute, we shouldn’t be hosing the ones that we are with taxpayer money, but if we refuse their entry, we might as well take down the Stature of Liberty, raze the pedestal into the bay, and take that placard from the base that says in part, “… Give me your huddled masses yearning to be free… ” and archive it into the Smithsonian with other “things that used to be.”


Best Quote

“So… this is why you do not think the efforts of people like me to free us from the Romans are worthy?” asked Simon, considering this for the first time.

“Now you understand,” said Jesus, “Fighting for some small political cause, when all is going to end and people will be doomed if they have not prepared, is a disgrace. It doesn’t matter who rules whom, or how high the taxes are, or whether it’s unfair that a Roman can force someone to carry his gear a mile. Carry it two miles, what’s the difference? The Roman and his pack are soon going to vanish.”

“Good deeds remain, which is why you should carry the pack an extra mile. Your good deed will endure, the Roman and his pack will not. It is hard to understand, but it is part of God’s mystery.” page 395, Mary Called Magdalene by Margaret George


An awesomely good read all the way through.


Peddling with the President

Former President Bush, that is. Here’s a touching look at our former President mountain biking for 60+ miles over three days in the Texas desert with a group of Wounded Warriors.

Every rider is missing various body parts, but is still eager to show  the Pres that they can still do it. They all take their spills in stride… even President Bush!

It is refreshing to see a President who will honor wounded soldiers, and fraternize with them for three days.



Spring on the March (in March)

This week is Spring Break for the students at Mt. Ellis Academy, so it seemed like a good time for us to get away for a few days. This past weekend we took a road trip through what’s left open of Glacier National Park. We spent the night at East Glacier Park, and entered at the East Gate to explore for about 10 miles.

Leaving the next morning we headed northwest and cruised through Kalispell in a southerly direction to spend the next night in a very old hotel at Symes Hot Springs. The whole town, it seems, is over-run with New Agers and crystal worshipers. While walking through the lounge with Jolie we overheard a father telling his children in a loud stage whisper, “Oh look kids, there’s a huge Spirit-dog!”

The next day, after a final soak in the hot tubs, we set out for Lost Trail Hot Springs, south of Missoula. It was just closing for the next two days, so we couldn’t spend the night, but we were able to get the Senior discount for soak for as long as we wished… which turned out to be about an hour.

Continuing on, we dropped out of the mountains into Wisdom, MT in the Big Hole Valley. The Big Hole Valley has the slogan of “The valley of 10,000 haystacks.” It was here in its early days that someone patented a device for stacking 30 ton piles of hay. Although we didn’t see any of these unique hay piles we did see quite a few of the machines for stacking them. We missed the Winter Festival where they have ski races down Main Street, with the skiers being towed by horse and rider. They have to negotiate slaloms, jumps and the works.


Click here for a few photos and comments from the trip.

Vision or Visionary?

Some of you that have followed my Blog for a while will remember that after I installed some tile flooring in our motor home will remember that I began seeing faces of strange creature within the tile pattern. Well, now it is happening again with the tile that I’ve used in this house remodel.

Here is one example.


C’mon, look for the dancers BEFORE I reveal them.

O.K. Here are the two 18th century, French gay guys, either dancing or sharing a secret. The shorter of the two is the bitch dressed in a vail with a ribbon tied in a bow at the back of his head and is outlined with a black line. The taller dude is dressed in classical French attire, and standing behind the bitch on front. He is outlined with a white line. You can tell that they are both guys because they are bearded. Now you see it don’t you?


Then out hiking this weekend I found this dried up chunk of bone. Looking at it from different angles, one can see different things.


It doesn’t take much to see the New Owl, does it?

Ringing Rocks

Yesterday a group from Mt. Ellis Academy went to Ringing Rocks, a few miles northwest of Whitehall, MT. That sounded like something that would be more fun than hanging around the house watching snow disappear, so we went, too.

The farther west we got from Bozeman, the less snow there was on the ground. By the time we reach Whitehall the ground was dry and the air balmy.  Ringing Rocks is a huge pile of rocks with little nooks and crannies and tunnels around the jumble. But the unique and surprising thing was the metalic tone made when the rocks are struck with a hammer or other hard object.

Here’s a little video I made from the area pictures.