Time Spent… Shopping?

I spent several hours yesterday shopping for a wireless video camera that would do a reasonably good job of recording what is taking place in the Magpie nest. I settled on a wireless color camera sold by GE. It’s stated purpose is home security. It seemed like a good choice, but the quality if video beyond about 3-4 feet is terrible. I have no idea how an intruder could be identified beyond that range.

Needles to say, it’s going back to Lowe’s. Another option in the same price range is a JVC video cam. It could be zoomed in from a greater distance and produce a better quality picture. The problems here are, will I be able to control it remotely and how do I retrieve video from it … easily? I would also like to be able to broadcast to signal to the ‘net so that others can watch. But with my slow connection I don’t think this would be possible and I would be limited to editing the feed sharply and posting to this Blog or Vimeo or YouTube.

So the search goes on for an affordable solution. ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?