Bird Feeder

Monday we put up two bird feeders about ten feet from our living room window. This morning at breakfast we watched as the first birds visited the feeders. It was a small flock (6) of female House Finches.
After they moved on, a flurry of snowflakes have moved in, fulfilling the weatherman’s report of snow today.
Since our Bible reading this morning, I’ve been contemplating the possible meaning of St. Paul’s statement, “.. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”
REALLY? ALL things? I am 72 years old. I’ve changed my mind about my life’s profession… I want to be a doctor. Would He strengthen me enough for that change? I could become the oldest med student to complete the course at Loma Linda.
Or perhaps it would be to become a millionaire. But not having any gainful employment I’s have to help Him out and play the lottery more often.

I’m not so sure that Paul meant ALL things. Considering the complete context of the verse, I’d say that he was referring to the travails of life, the disasters, the hardships, the necessities of life. God will provide for our needs and strengthen us to continue on serving Him.

It’s amazing how much info can be crammed into a an ink maze. (Oh, I get it, A-maze–a-mazing) sometimes I humor my humorless self.
Have a good day all.

Word for the day–Jerimiah 29:11-12  “I have plans for you…. When you call on me… I will listen.”

Smartphone users know what to do with this photo.