New Love Interest

I have a new love interest!
Maybe I should back up a little and explain. About 40 feet from our living room picture-window (newly installed last week) and about 25 feet up in a pine tree is a pair of Magpies building a nest. We discovered them at breakfast today as one was adjusting sticks in the nest. The new home is about 16 inches in diameter and perhaps 8 inches tall so far.
Now my love-interest is NOT the Magpie but for the opportunity to get some awesome shots of the family being raised. As a result, I’ve been shopping for a game trail camera or something of that sort to record it. Maybe a live video feed to be streamed to the net.
Well, maybe the live feed wouldn’t be so hot, since my Verizon MiFi can hardly keep up getting videos from YouTube.
I think maybe just stills or short video clips would be the best. I would like to mount the camera on the tree trunk, which is about 5 feet from the nest, and be able to monitor the camera from my laptop in the living room.
Any ideas for the setup would be welcome.