Yellowstone Winter Tour

 <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } –We had a very interesting tour ofWintertime Yellowstone. Since I’m a pansy for cold, Evelyn booked a“coach” tour, rather than a snowmobile. (Bless her generous,loving heart!) We left about 8:30 AM and returned close to 5 PM. Thecoaches were small busses seating 12 plus driver, and outfitted withtrack instead of tires. All entry into the park is now restricted toguided tours.

Our driver/guide, Old Tim, as hereferred to himself, was interesting, funny, and very knowledgable.He is the only guide to be born and raised in West Yellowstone. Oneof the photos shows the museum at Norris Basin. Old Tim’s father wasthe contractor that built the log and stone structure.
While visiting the Grand Canyon of theYellowstone and trying to get some awesome shots of the Upper andLower Falls, a snow squall blew in making photography almostimpossible there. By the time we got to Norris Basin it was partlycloudy and beautiful again.
There were three opportunities forraptor shots, one was way too far away, one was about out of rangefor my lens and one was perfect … about 100 feet away and almosteye level with me.

OK! The fun is over and I’m back towork on the house. The new windows have arrived and need to beinstalled.