Today was one of those lazy daze of Winter. You know the kind… it’s snowing outside, the bed is warm, your muscles are still skiing from skiing the day before… why get up before 8 AM?
I stumbled out for breakfast, and cheered Evelyn, Anita and Roy Chang on, as they got ready to ski again. Recalling what it was like yesterday, I passed on the offer.
I messed with computer stuff. Then while I waited for a program download I started watching the news. About the only thing on was info on Whitney Houston’s death. It’s tragic. She was such a talented woman who was derailed by Satan.
I drifted off to sleep again only to be awakened by three tired skiers. It seems as though the snow was just as sticky as the day before.

Tomorrow is the focus of this trip. An 8 hour trip by snow coach into Yellowstone National Park. Expecting to get some good animal / bird shots. Actually, I guess we need to get focus before that! the coach leaves at 7:30 AM, meaning we have to get up, eat, pack, and get our stuff loaded into the cars before they pick us up. Checkout time is 12 noon and we won’t be back in time for that.