Wow! This blog site has changed a little since I was here last. Everything seems to be changing, doesn’t it? I hope it has nothing to do with Obama’s “Change.”
 I had a Blog entry ready to post, then decided to add a couple of photos… then EVERYTHING disappeared.
 So… folks you’ll see a different entry than what I planned and wrote.
 We decided to have a little vacation in West Yellowstone, MT while the kids were all gone from the school. Booked our World Mark condo, invited Anita, Pedro, and their foreign exchange student, Roy Chang. Sarah couldn’t come because she preferred to earn money during her vacation. Who can blame her? Why hang out with old people when you can put some jingle in your pockets?

 Anyway, Anita, Roy and I left home on Thursday. On the way down we stopped to get some pictures of Bald Eagles.

Last night we went to a lecture by a Park Ranger, who had a lot of photos of raptors of Yellowstone. It was pretty good talk, even if I did sleep through part of it.
Well, what did you expect of an old fart? It started at 7:30 PM and didn’t quit until 9:30 PM! This lady had been studying raptors for more than 30 years… she knows here stuff. But what impressed me the most was the fact that she drove to West Yellowstone from Mammoth Hot Springs, at least 50+ miles… on her snowmobile!
Today, Saturday, we’re going to Harriman Lake to look for wildlife (hopefully some that is smaller than us).