I begin this Blog with an apology for being so lax in maintaining this Journal. Life takes us on such a winding road that it is hard to predict what may be obvious to us one day, and insanely “off” the next.

Take our location for wintering this year, for instance. Our plan was to stop briefly in Bozeman after completing our Alaskan Tour. Then continue on to Texas for a Winter job as gatekeepers at various oil drilling operations. But during our “brief stay” on the campus of Mt. Ellis Academy, Ray, the Maintenance man mentioned that they had had no success in finding a Task Force Worker (read that as no volunteer) to help him for this school year. He asked if I’d be interested. There would be room and board in the dorm, free meals, and a small stipend involved.

The school had just purchased a home adjoining the school property and wanted someone to remodel it. If I took the job I would be a member of the staff and in charge of up to 6 students and their afternoon work program. In other words, I’d have help remodeling.

We decided that this was an offer that I hadn’t been looking for so we would give it the “Fleece Test.”
If Evelyn could find a paying job here in Bozeman, we would accept the offer. She had her job in 4 days! What could I say? I accepted on the condition that I would remodel the house in exchange for living in it for the school year instead of living in the dorm (ugh!), and getting a stipend. The free meals we would accept. (Someone must have my “Will work for Food” sign. I have been putting in 50-60 hour work-weeks in order to have a minimum of a bathroom, bedroom, and a functional kitchen completed before moving in by Christmas. With the temps in the single digits at night it would be nice to get out of the motor home and get it winterized. Our shower drain is frozen most of the time, so we shower in the house, because THAT room is complete.

I am keeping a photo album of the work on the house and the progress.