I never realized maintaining a blog through Alaska would be such a task! Cell service is very spotty in such vast regions of nothing.

We are spending the night in Wasilla. Tomorrow we’ll visit a Musk Ox farm, then mosey on down toward Anchorage and possibly Kenai. We got up at 2:30 AM to watch the sun come up over Mt McKinnley. It was beautiful and CLEAR! We watched for an hour or so then headed back to camp. By the time we got back to camp, the mountain was sock in with clouds.

We went back to bed and slept until time to get up and watch a sleddog demo. Denali Park has been doing routine Winter patrols of the park by dogsled since 1924. Just as the demo was winding down, I had a scary brush with widowhood when Evelyn got ill and passed out. I got her to the ground without any injury. With the help of some bystanders, I got the medics there in a hurry. She was out for only about 5 minutes, but by the time they got done checking her out we had spent an extra 45 minutes.

Despite the problem (still don’t know what it was), she’s doing fine now.

Everywhere seems to have slow Internet service, so I still haven’t tried to post any photos.