I never realized maintaining a blog through Alaska would be such a task! Cell service is very spotty in such vast regions of nothing.

We are spending the night in Wasilla. Tomorrow we’ll visit a Musk Ox farm, then mosey on down toward Anchorage and possibly Kenai. We got up at 2:30 AM to watch the sun come up over Mt McKinnley. It was beautiful and CLEAR! We watched for an hour or so then headed back to camp. By the time we got back to camp, the mountain was sock in with clouds.

We went back to bed and slept until time to get up and watch a sleddog demo. Denali Park has been doing routine Winter patrols of the park by dogsled since 1924. Just as the demo was winding down, I had a scary brush with widowhood when Evelyn got ill and passed out. I got her to the ground without any injury. With the help of some bystanders, I got the medics there in a hurry. She was out for only about 5 minutes, but by the time they got done checking her out we had spent an extra 45 minutes.

Despite the problem (still don’t know what it was), she’s doing fine now.

Everywhere seems to have slow Internet service, so I still haven’t tried to post any photos.


Way Up North to Alaska Pt. 1

With this posting I’ll be journaling our trip to Alaska. Since I’m not sure how often we’ll be within Wi-Fi link. I’ll write daily and post when I am able.
Wednesday, 08 Jun. 2011
Today we are waiting for the FedEx guy to show up with a couple of last minute items for the trip to Alaska. At the last minute I agreed with Evelyn that a nice high (22”) would be nicer than sleeping on the ground on the cushion that we made several weeks ago. But the particular bed that we liked, required 120VAC power. So that meant getting an inverter also. So, we wait.
FedEx showed up about 1:30. Everything is packed in the car, so all we had to do is get the bed and inverter out of the boxes and into the car. Oh wait! Let’s blow up the mattress to see if it holds air. We do. It does.
Since I’m not sure how often I’ll have service for posting this Blog, I’ll just make it a running commentary and post when I can.
We are on our way by 2 PM. We made it to the Port Townsend ferry about 45 minutes before its 6:30 run. It made landfall about 25 minutes later at Fort Casey, WA. Their was a nice little park right beside the ferry docks, so we pulled in, set up camp, and set out to explore the batteries and bunkers.
The weather had been improving with every mile northward. By this time of evening the sky was nearly cloud-free. On the way back to camp we struck up a conversation with two couples from British Columbia. They come to this campground quite often. It is almost never this calm. There wasn’t even a whisper of a breeze until the ferry comes into dock. We’ve seen several dozen Cottontail rabbits around the grounds. They seem to have no fear, are careful to stay at least two feet away from us, but neither do they run away.
Thursday 06-09-2011
The bed stayed inflated all night! But guess what? They’re still pretty cold to sleep on. It’s not like a mattress at home where you can warm up a little nest and expect to stay warm all night. I have NEVER been so well-impressed by coastal weather. Although there was a high overcast, there wasn’t a bit of dew on anything!
We had a good nights sleep, had pancakes for breakfast and was on the road by 9:30 or so. We stopped at Costco in Bellingham for lunch and ice cream. Our next stop was Harrison Hot Springs, BC. It isn’t at all what I was expecting. Harrison Hot Springs is actually a quaint little village on the shores of 40 mile-long Lake Harrison. Oh there are some hot springs there alright, and several resorts utilizing the hot mineral water. The town has an array of tourist shops and a public therapeutic pool… which is what we took advantage of… or maybe they took advantage of us. We are still Seniors in Canada, so we didn’t have to pay the full price.
I got disrobed and started digging in my duffel for my suit and couldn’t find it! Donning my jeans and Tee, I slipped my bare feet into my New Balance Runners and went out to the car to search for my bathing suit. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I went back into the pool area to see if I had put it into Evelyn’s duffel. I hadn’t! The gal checking us into the pool overheard my dilemma and when I asked if it was OK to go suitless in the pool, promptly produced one for me.
Driving around the corner of the lake a few miles from Harrison Hot Springs, we located Sasquatch Provincial Park and are spending our second night on the shores of Hicks Lake.
Friday 06-10-2011
Got away pretty early today, then stopped again for some hot water therapy at Harrison Hot Springs for about 30 minutes before hitting the road again. Our original plans were for a full day, maybe two at Emory Creek campground where they allow gold panning in the gravel bars. Emory Creek runs into the Frasier River, and the river is in full flood stage. There wasn’t a gravel bar in sight! So after a quick pit stop and a look around, we were on the road again. An hour or so later we found a park between the road and the river to have lunch and watch an angry, muddy river boil.
Big discovery in B.C., no one accepts Discover Card and only 7-11 Convenience Stores seem have fountain sodas.
Tonight we have camped at a campground that has Wi-Fi and a laundry, so here goes. The service seems to be a little slow, but I’ll try to get some photos uploaded to Flickr also.