God’s Blog

I’ve started reading a very refreshing book, God’s Blog, by Lanny Donoho. Without his permission, I’d like to share a few paragraphs. In this book the author is writing about Christianity, through what he believes would be the eyes of God. Using a modern venue… the Internet Blog.

“Here is a thought….
‘Artists who are Christians have a better chance at changing the world than ‘Christian Artists.’
You now have your own Christian stores and books and singers and mints. You have created your own clothing and music and lingo, and you have isolated the rest of the world.
You have built a bubble around yourselves and use insider thoughts to try to influence outsidersand they aren’t getting it. As a matter of fact, they see your bubble and your actions inside that bubble and they hear your words and they are choosing not to get in there with you. And that’s a wise choice.
I didn’t send my son to die so you could form a club and dance at your own recital! I did it so that all people could see Me and experience Me and understand forgiveness and grace and mercy and love, and so everyone could sing and dance at My recital… and so I could dance at everyone’s recital.
The world has become so dark, and bubbles can’t be seen in the dark. Sometimes I want to take a God-sized pin and burst your bubbles
   and hand you all a light instead.