Algodones, MX

So, who says reservation casinos aren’t good for SOMETHING? About two blocks from where we are “boon-docking” and about one mile from the border, is a casino. When you join their Player’s Club, the card they give you is worth $10 in the slots… repetitively each day during the week. It’s not really a free card because it takes a dollar to activate it each day. But anyway, I’m getting too involved in setting up this story.

The first machine I put my card in paid for more than half my dental expenses in just three spins! I subsequently lost about $3 before I had used up my $10 “free money.”

About that dental work. There are more than 350 dentist in this little town. As soon as you emerge from the gates on the Mexican side, you are accosted by “drummers” trying to sell you the services of a dentist, optician or druggist. “Cheapest Viagra in ALL of Mexico! 150% discount!” I wondered where they learned their Math.

I had a cleaning and a crown re-cemented. Evelyn had a root canal and a crown installed. Between sessions, we went shopping for vanilla and hearing aids. The vanilla we found in the liquor store, of all places! But then, since it is 35% alcohol, maybe it was in the right place. The Tequila is only 38% alcohol.

With all the dentists and opticians catering to the old farts streaming into town every day, you’d think that more than a few of them would be deaf and need hearing aids… but there is only 3 hearing aid shops in town. All owned by the same family. I was a shocked at the prices. A complete exam and the cheapest aid is $400, but the most expensive aid is only $1,100. This is for quality Rexon Digital aids. Not only that, but they’ll pay your Passport expenses if you don’t already have one!

But the REAL find of the day (also from the liquor store) was this item… The dream of every pre-teen with unruly hair.