01-07-2011 The Whirly World
What is so obtuse about time? It seems that when I am moving around, time moves
reasonably, with me. But when I park for awhile, time speeds up in a whirl of activity. I
donʼt have time to write, seldom get everything done on the day that I plan it. Then, the
first thing I know, days have flown by in a flurry of activity that has no tangible results.
We have visited Evelynʼs cousin, Dick, who Winters here from North Dakota. Today, we
will go see another of her cousin, Joan (Kringley) Stume. We have also spent two
afternoon/evenings with our first Foreign Exchange Student, Jesenka (Nina), and her
family who live here in Phoenix.
Their 20-month old daughter has prematurely entered the “terrible twoʼs”, but still
manages to be a delightful little person. It was love at first sight for us, but I think she loved Jolie more.

Here is an example of the way they shared. She didnʼt want all of her ice cream, so Jolie gets part of it. I missed the shot of Adriana sharing a bite of French Fry with Jolie, then eating the rest of it herself.
I guess even life in a Whirly World has some compensation.